My Horrifying Experience....fake Coach

  1. i was in NYC this past Saturday shopping for Xmas presents (early start) and decided to go downtown because they have some excellent gold jewelry shops that have nice designs that you cant find anywhere. I didnt buy anything from the shop because THE PRICE OF GOLD IS $750+ PER OUNCE!!!!!! Anyways, back to Coach, while I was walking back to the subway station I was confronted by a man. He showed me a paper with coach bags on them and was like "Coach bags for cheap. Excellent bags. Follow me." I had two options, ignore him and walk to the subway station, or be adventurous and get to the bottom of where people get fake bags from. Adventurous me followed him. He took me to a back street and then into a dark and gloomy building. There we went up 7 flights of stairs. ::exhaustion and scared for MY LIFE:: He takes me into this small room where other people are shopping. And on the walls are FAKE COACH BAGS....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cursing: Hung all over the room are fake bags...all kinds...they even had fake wallets. They had Carlys, patchwork, striped totes and messenger bags, and wallets and more...i cant was trauma to the max!!! I was DISGUSTED!!!! The prices were like $35 and $25..... People were buying bags and bags and bags :wtf:. The quality was pathetically for the patchwork, everything was cotton....all the different patches were cotton....

    I just HAD to leave...i walked down the 7 flights of stairs and went STRAIGHT to the subway, not even stopping to buy my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E food when im in the city :crybaby:, the "flower shaped cut mango"....i cant describe it but its a mango cut into the shape of a flower and then put on a stick....its delicious.

    so that was my horrifying experience!!!!
  2. Holy crap! I would have been scared out of my freaking mind! And that really sucks that you didn't get your mango! You need another trip to the city after that trauma just to get a mango! LOL!
  3. I hate the fakes but at least they were CHEAP. A girl I work with just bought a new Coach fake for NINETY DOLLARS. My goodness.
  4. ohhh been there done that! I remeber being in a "store" on canal street where they had fake vuitton and all of a sudden the owners started screaming and pulled down the metal door, shutting us all inside! Turns out the cops were going to walk by and they didnt want their fake bags to be noticed. Never again!!! Soo scary!
  5. Yikes, that is scary, and sorry you missed out on the mango flower too :sad:.
  6. Wow you are brave to go with this man. 25-35$ for a fake is disgusting.

    I know the mango you're talking about. My mom would cut it like that when I was a kid. It was easy to eat as they kind of pop out, lol.
  7. I hate the fakes too. At least they were obvious fakes, but the good fakes that look so close to real and still cost so much really upset me. I'm just glad you got out of there safely, how scary!
  8. Oh my... I would have been scared to DEATH!
    seriously! then i would have thrown up, and left promptly!
    sorry you didn't get your mango! it sounds awesome!
  9. I hate to sound like your mom, please don't EVER follow some strange man, ever again! Although I understand the curiousity around knowing who sells fakes and where, you and your life are way more important. :smile:

    You are definitely brave though!
  10. Forget the fakes, you were extra adventurous to follow a strange man to a back street into a gloomy building and up 7 flights of stairs...I wouldn't have.
  11. Scr*w the bags, I would have never folllowed a stranger up 7 flights of steps in a dark building.:sad:
  12. I totally agree...please be safe!!
  13. You really shouldnt, especially in NY! They are real criminals! Trust me I worked for a company that chased them down! It s not as easy as saying they re just trying to make a living!
  14. manila, :wtf:! Glad you got out of there safely!

    I'd be too chicken to follow any stranger!

    :yucky: to all those fakes! And :rant: to the people who sell 'em!
  15. My mom, sister, grandmother :wtf: and I did the same thing! Crazy what most women will do, eh?