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My horrible experience at Louis Vuitton plaza Frontenac


Mar 5, 2010
I had to tell someone about my horrible experience with Louis Vuitton. My brother purchased am artsy mono as a Christmas gift. I was all excited to do a reveal on it here but I can't now and here is why....

My brother is a bit OCD on getting things done in advance. He purchased the bag in September to get his Christmas shopping done way ahead of time. When I opened it the bag was gorgeous but when I inspected it there was a scratch on the handle so I took it back to the of store in plaza Frontenac. I hate it because Frontenac is full of snobs including the people who work at the stores and unfortunately it's the only lv boutique in the entire St. Louis area uuuugh!

My mom got a Chanel wallet for Christmas... but she wasn't impressed and was a little jealous of my artsy.... So my brother returned her Chanel wallet which was purchased in October a few weeks after he purchased my artsy without any problems. Refunded immediately for it and put a mono neverfull mm on hold so we could exchange my artsy for one without scratched handles and purchase the neverfull for my mom.

When we arrived no one even looked at us. No one greeted us and I'm sorry to spend over $3,000 on designer items I expect better service. I mean how hard is it to greet customers?The store is tiny so it's not like we were visible but it sure felt like it. And I'm sorry I could walk in with the ugliest rattiest clothes, handbags, shoes etc and should still receive good customer service. I shouldn't have to carry a certain bag even though I did have my marc Jacobs Karen Python bag but really it shouldn't matter...

Told the sa Sarah about the scratch she was happy to exchange it but when she saw the date on the receipt she said they have a 30 day return policy. I mean really? The bags been sitting in a box since it's purchase... anyone with eyes can see that it hasn't been used so I asked for a manager. I see on tpf all the time where exceptions are made, ppl receive above and beyond excellent customer service at other stores so idk why I was treated differently. Karen the manager was very condescending, rude and horrible to us. She kept explaining the return policy.... I kept saying I understand that but what can be done about the scratch. For the inconvenience I thought they would just exchange it. It wouldn't be hard ... She is the manager and it's the manager job to keep customers happy. I don't think I was asking for much especially since we were purchasing another bag right then. But nope she was rude as hell. It took her 15 minutes of going back and forth just to tell me it should be sent in for a New handle.... Like she could have said that in the first place instead of talking to me like I was stupid.

I called and complained but even they didn't do anything. This store has negative reviews all over the web so something is wrong here and it's not hard to see that. I will never shop here again. I wanted the Louis Vuitton experience but honestly I've gotten better customer service at mcdonalds and walmart and now I have to wait 6 weeks just for a handle when they could have been more accommodating smh. Essentially $3,000 spent to be treated like trash. Like I said never again!


Nov 17, 2013
WOW! It's a tough situation. I totally understand how you feel. The problem is that other people try to return things that they have changed their mind about after they carry it.....the SA's see so much of this. The reality is that it was purchased in Sept and with LV's strict return policy I can understand their hesitation but not their attitude. The key is to try to develop a relationship with an SA...that is how exceptions are made. You will get your bag back and in perfect condition and then you will be able to enjoy it!!! So sorry this happened to you.


Mar 19, 2013
That really stinks. :sad: Hearing stories like this has made me nervous walking into high end stores, but honestly, I have never been treated like that. You're certainly within your right to never go back.

Oh, and far as a relationship goes, I've never been able to make that happen. No matter how often I go in, it's never like a bonding with anyone. I'm not sure if that's regional, or what.


Oct 27, 2013
Sorry this happened to you, it really should not be like this..

Makes me a bit nervous to hear of such bad experiences. I received a monogram shawl as a christmas gift, but a thread is loose, so I need to go to the store with it and see if I can have it exchanged. Not in to the mentioned store though.


LV Content
Dec 11, 2012
Wow, so sorry OP and even more sorry for your brother. Bless his heart, just trying to do something nice and ended up in a bad situation. I definitely understand policy but if she could've sent the bag off after 15 minutes of going back and forth, she could have done it right away without making you guys feel like crap. I do understand her position too though. She has to sign off on something that's beyond the window of return/exchange. Maybe there's a reason behind the hesitation. Maybe that store has a large number of returns/exchanges and they are trying to crack down on it? I don't know but it still wasn't a reason to treat you like that. I'm glad to hear that you stood your ground and are getting a new handle.


Aug 15, 2009
I am sad you had a bad experience in this store. I shop in this store all the time. I have always been treated with the utmost respect. The guy I bought mostly from is gone now. I can not remember my new SA name though. There is a super sweet young guy in there that I have bought from if my SA wasnt there though. He seems very accommodating also. Again sorry for the experience, no reason for you to have been treated with anything less than respect.


Sep 28, 2012
So sorry that happened to you, OP. I was very surprised when I read this post. We were traveling to St. Louis this past summer while DH was speaking at a clinic. I had the day free and decided to go to Frontenac ~ this is the one and only time I have visited this LV, but the service was outstanding. I only purchased the TP 19 ~ I did not try to return anything, but the SA acted like she had all the time in the world. Her name was Karen (not sure if it was the same Karen or not) but it really makes you wonder what has happened in that store to make a a manager react in such a way. Never is there an excuse to treat someone rudely. I hope that all goes well with your new handle and hope that it does not spoil your excitement over your new Artsy.


Dec 15, 2012
So sorry to hear of your bad experience. I can certainly understand them having to stick to the return/exchange policy as they may have been burned in the past, but I don't excuse the rudeness or condescension. That's not right.

When I worked in banking, I often had to refuse customer requests due to policy, but I always tried to be polite about it and clear in my explanation.

After all this, I really hope you enjoy your Artsy. You certainly deserve it. And what a sweet brother for getting you something so beautiful.