My horrible ebay and paypal experience

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  1. I posted a thread before about this issue but could not find it so I just want to create another to vent. I sold two of my Louis Vuitton purses to a buyer. This buyer received the bag and never mention about being disappointed about the condition or anything but asked where I bought one of the bag. I told her I purchased off ebay. She then demanded a partial refund not because anything wrong with the purse except that the purse was purchased off ebay. I told her there will not be any partial refund. If she does not like the bags, just send them back and I will refund the money. She made up some crazy excuse about my address from ebay not matching with paypal. She did not send back the bags but then file a chargeback. Paypal then freeze my ebay and paypal account and request documents where I purchased the items. I have never heard of such a thing till that day. Anyhow, now she has the bags and today paypal stated that the case is closed and they took the money out of my account. Paypal took three percent of the selling price and some additional fee charged by the credit card company. So I lost the two bags, three percent of the selling price, $10 credit card charging price, and the whole selling price. I was furious, so I called paypal up. All they can do is to tell me they are trying to fight on my behalf and if I don't get my bags up, I need to take it outside paypal. They also told me that the three percent was for their services. This is horrible. Basically, sellers have not protection whatsoever. I am so mad because I can not do anything now. Out of the money and bags and on top of that I can't buy anything because I cannot use my paypal account. They hold all my money.
    Anyone encountered this before? Any advise? I really don't know what to do.
  2. You should bombard PayPal non-stop, write down names of the customer service agents you talk to, don't let it go like this. They overlooked the situation and it's wrong. She has to return those items to you, then she gets her money back-this is the only way it works.
  3. OMG....I would be furious...That buyer jerked you/then so did paypal- and ebay does nothing for the seller that makes them money....I for one am choosing not to sell...Because of the increase in prices and the unfairness of always having to deal with getting the short end of the stick or relisting fees...That sucks... Please let us know what happens
  4. tell the buyer to return your items tomorrow and send you the tracking #. Tell her if she does not you will file a police report for theft . If you do not get the tracking tomorrow then contact her police department and file small claims immediately. You can get your money back if you go to court plus costs.
  5. omg i am so sorry that had happened to you. something similar happened to me too and you're totally right, there is absolutely no protection at all for sellers. i sold a new laptop on ebay and suddenly the buyer claimed a chargeback. paypal took the money out of my account, plus fees, and closed my account. i was out 2 grand AND a new laptop. i called paypal like crazy and they said that there was nothing i could do about it.

    well, i did do something. i called my credit card company and said that the paypal charges were unauthorized (since technically, they were). i did not authorize them to take money out of my account without informing me. they just took the money out of my account and then sent me an e-mail of what they did and how my account was closed. they werent going to do anything about the laptop i sent and basically said it was my loss. since i shipped a high cost item, i had insurance on it (it was required anyways).
  6. This is terrible. I would report this to the police. And let Paypal and this thief of a buyer know you are going to do that. I would also let Paypal know that you will be as public as possible about this. They are literally helping people to steal money!!
  7. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. You MUST fight it!!
    1.Start with your bank/ CC company file fraud charges on paypal for making illegal charges w/o your consent.
    2. Print out ALL correspondence between you and the buyer.
    3. Call the police and make a report.
    4. Call paypal after you've made your police report and let them know what all you have done and will do to get your money and or handbags back.

    This is horrible. Don't take it lying down. Now that you've been stunned and horrified by paypal and the buyers behaviors and deeds, get angry and make them pay!!

    Good luck and please keep us posted.
  8. oimg... that si horrible..:wtf: so sorry it happen to you..:heart: i've problems with paypal and ebay but not as serious...:sweatdrop: iiwll be careful from now on.

    kepe us posted:tup::flowers:.
  9. Great advice!! Please DO keep us updated!!
  10. That is unacceptable and I cant believe paypal or ebay would stand for it. Then, charge you more fees for something you didnt do. They should be charging the buyer fees for wasting there and your time. The buyer is a theif! Keeping bags and money is wrong and souldnt be taken lightly. EBAY AND PAYPAL in no way protect the sellerrs. Its all about the buyers happiness, i dont get it no matter how happy they make the buyers if theres no sellers left, they wont be making much money!!!
  11. I totally agree with all the posters - this is insane - file that police report immediately and get copies. Also, I'm in CA and we have consumer report features on our tv stations - Ebay is not getting good press these days and you should go as public as you can about this -everyone who's having these ebay and paypal problems should. This is theft and Ebay and Paypal are willing conspirators in the theft and should be held accountable. Also, call your bank and file that report as well. I'm with you guys - I actually sent a Bal to a consignment place instead of putting it on Ebay and also had a huge yard sale and sold many things at far less than they would have gone for on Ebay, but I'm sick of the hassle they give us casual sellers. Ebay has forgotten who made them what they are.
  12. I'm having the same problem now.What's worse is that the Buyer is in France.I even can't file a police report!! After I offered all the shipping documents and tracking info. to Paypal to prove I did send out the package and it was safely delivered, they still reversed $650 to the French Liar claiming he didn't receive anything!!! I wish he die in hell!!!
  13. First off, to the OP and others who are in the same situation, I say SORRY! This is absurd that Paypal and eBay are allowing this to happen! To think that a buyer can receive the item, then file chargeback (basically NOT paying for it) is ridiculous!!!! Good thing I am done with them both ( eBay and Paypal, that is!).

    GOOD luck to you...I agree with many of the posters, file a police report on these con artist buyers. For the person who sold to France, can you contact Interpol? I believe they handle international fraud.
  14. How much were the items? If it's over 1000 the Federal police can get involved. I would tell the buyer that and tell him you'll have the FBI notified and basically scare him/her into giving you your money back!