My Hong Kong Miu Miu purchase!

  1. In the Handbags forum, I learned about the places to go for shopping in Hong Kong and I was really psyched! I was there over the last weekend in January but I haven't been able to post until now. I am usually in the Bal forum, but I also love Miu Mius and I was looking for my first one!

    The shopping there is incredible! I went to Tsim Tsui Sha, Causeway Bay, Central, etc. You really can lose yourself. I found the various Paris and Milan Stations scattered about but since they had mostly LVs and Guccis, I didn't buy anything in these places. But, I had to go to the Miu Miu stores!
    Unsurprisingly, all the bow satchels have waiting lists. I saw the large bow satchel but it's too large for me. I also thought I saw an alluring red coffer in the distance but I thought it was my imagination. Miu2 confirmed that there is one!

    Sorry for the long post - I'll get to the point. I came home with my first Miu Miu, which is I believe the St. Cocco, in a patent croc-print taupe color! (Following an earlier thread, the SAs say that the card is actually for store records and I couldn't have it.) The color is gorgeous IRL! I like that the leather is not as delicate as the smooth leathers and that I can wear it cross body and not worry about hitting something in the NY subways! Finally, here she is! :wlae:

    P.S. - This bag also comes in a beautiful baby blue and the pink!
    IMG_8061.jpg IMG_8063.jpg IMG_8075.jpg IMG_8076.jpg
  2. Congrats!! The bag is absolutely gorgeous. It's Tsim Sha Tsui btw :smile:
  3. Congratulations! :tup:
    I like your bag!
  4. Thanks and my friend who lives in HK had explained what each character was too! :push:
  5. Congrats! its lovely!
  6. Congrats! Looks great on you.
  7. sweet! congrats!
  8. Faboo! Such a nice neutral colour that you can wear everyday with your clothes!

    I noticed that my bag didn't come with the card as well (I'm in SG) so I guess that explains it!
  9. Congrats!! She is a classic beauty and very functional too!!
  10. congrats! love it!
  11. It's lovely...Congrats!
  12. You wear that bag so well! Congrats.