My Hong Kong Louboutin finds.

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    I was in Hong Kong.

    On Pedder had some Louboutins on sale.

    I initially bought 1 pair then went back for 2 more... ENJOY!

    myhkstuff 009.jpg myhkstuff 014.jpg myhkstuff 010.jpg
  2. Close up of the shoes.

    myhkstuff 011.jpg myhkstuff 012.jpg myhkstuff 013.jpg
  3. And my new Fendi bag - this was full price BUT the color was HOT!
    myhkstuff 003.jpg myhkstuff 004.jpg myhkstuff 005.jpg myhkstuff 002.jpg myhkstuff 006.jpg
  4. Lovely new purchases fantasiatzu!
  5. Great purchases!
  6. great purchases! love the armadillos!
  7. Love the new additions, how much was the armadillos?
  8. Gorgeous buys!!! We are pewter armadillo twins!!!
  9. Javaboo = armadillos were originally HK$7600
    got it for 3900 or 3800 - I gotta look for my CC receipts hehehe.

    Someone do the math am not sure about conversion to US$.

    Thank you everyone for kind words, now my problem is where to wear them, I still have some shoes I have not worn, hahahha I am more of a shoe collector - my dogs also have a tendency to eat my shoes, sigh...
  10. I actually passed the armadillo over y first trip brought the VP, hhehhe went to Blahnik store as they had 50% off almost everything, then went back to On pedder and decide dto get armadillos and the purple suede, lOL!

    I need to quit buying shoes.
  11. I'm glad you bought the armadillos - they are one gorgeous pair of shoes!!!
    Any modeling pics?
  12. My feet are all torn up....

    I bought some CHEAP US$30 shoes as they were "cute" walked around HK 1 day with them all I have blisters all over, ewww, LOL!

    You get what you pay for....
  13. Love the burgundy glittarts!
  14. wow are they still onsale?
    cause i went back christmas to hk and the sales were on then, do you know when they end?

    Great buys btw!
  15. Gorgeous buys! My favorites are the burgandy glittart VPs though!