My Hong Kong Honeys!!!

  1. A few pics of my handbag family (I would say happy, but they are constantly fighting for my attention!!), that have been collected on this side of the world....they have some distant relatives in Texas, but aren't much interested in making their acquaintance!!! Also a pic of our Fendi sofa, which I fell in love with...and insisted had to be ours when the name Fendi came into the pic!! My husband was not suprised that I found the only "couture" sofa in Hong Kong!!!
    bags 008.jpg bags 009.jpg bags 010.jpg bags 011.jpg bags 012.jpg bags 013.jpg
  2. GREAT collection!
    Sorry it wasn't approved sooner :sad:
  3. love all your have alittle of everything...VERY NICE
  4. Nice selection, thanks for sharing.
  5. You do have some extremely nice bags. What are the last two?
  6. Awesome collection, I especially like the tromphe l'oeil pochette !
  7. great collection.
  8. I think the last 2 bags are Chloe right?? I love your Chanels..especially the cerf!!
  9. Chloe....the larger bag I believe is from '04 (maybe), and the other is from last year, I think!!!
  10. Wow,love your collections especially the Chloe!:love: Can't wait to go to Hong Kong next year.(Shop,eat and Disney!):biggrin: Thanks for sharing:heart:
  11. love ur fendi bags... so pretty...
  12. Fendi is my favorite:love: :love: ...I just went to the store on my lunch many nice things!!
  13. I want that Chanel tote sooo bad (and so does my Mom!)
  14. I know, I know....I am keeping my eye out at the second-hand shops for you Roo!!!
  15. annemerrick - great collection!!! you've got some really LOVELY pieces!!! thanks so much for sharing!