My homemade purseket for my Speedy 25.

  1. Hello! I'm not really sure if this is okay for LV forum but there isn't a arts and crafts section... plus I'm using LV so... I hope its okay :smile:

    I decided to make my own purseket since in the UK you can't get them (one lady was charging the same price but in £'s so it was going to be £20 :wtf:) so I wasn't prepared to pay that much on a few pockets.

    I got some dark brown material to match the LV interior and used yellow thread for a nice contrast :yes: I hope you like it! :smile:

    P.S I'm happy to try and help anyone if you're thinking about making one !
    DSC02808.JPG DSC02809.JPG DSC02810.JPG DSC02811.JPG DSC02812.JPG
  2. great work! congrats!

  3. Thanks!

    It took like... 30 mins to make? :nuts:
  4. Wow! That looks great! What an idea - you can't get Pursekets in the Netherlands either... hmm...

  5. There are plenty of sites where people have made them even if they are in the States. It's worth it if you ask me... I don't even like any of the pursekets material so you can pick one you want... plus it's a lil sewing experience and saves you some money.:idea:
  6. :tup::tup::tup:
  7. Looks great!! I love the extra big pocket that can fit an agenda size item. Very cool!!! I wish I could sew!!!
  8. cute. you could start your own business. HMMMM???

  9. lol maybe! :p
  10. creative!!!!!!
  11. great job :tup:
  12. creative, have u insert any card board inside your purseket to make it stand firm ?
  13. Not cardboard but yes, I inserted a piece of stiffening material. :yes:
  14. Great idea! TY for sharing.
  15. oh awesome! like someone else said, the best part is you can pick your own fabric!