My Homecoming Dress... What do you think about it ?

  1. [​IMG]

    My homecoming is about 2 weeks away and I was wondering what you guys thought about this dress. It's by Ginger & Java and it's on sale for $233.74 at bluefly.
    Oh and by the way I am in 10th grade.
  2. It is a pretty dress, but it looks a bit summery. But if you really like it, then i would def. get it.
  3. I think you could do better with the same amount of money. What do you think of these?
    This is $248 from Shopbop.

    $225 from Shopbop.

    On sale for $177 at activeendeavors.

    This dress is $295, so a little more, but it's awesome.

    In any case, buy what you like and good luck!
  4. I personally love this dress, the combination of colours are fantastic ! However it seems more like a Summer cocktail.

  5. I agree. Very pretty dress but a little summery..
  6. ^ that dress is gorgeous..
  7. I'm looking for a very eye catching dress, bright colors, and above the knee or knee length. And maybe w/ a cut out or low back ? Do you guys have any suggestions ?
  8. Where dop u get the last black dress from? I love it... !!!
  9. How old is 10th grade? I have to say that nerdpahnie's suggestions are far nicer than the op's dress.
  10. 15!!!^^^

    im in 10th grade also!!!!! woooohooooo

    my homecoming is in 3 weeks......:biggrin:

    i have a ralph lauren black label dress..thats silver and lacey...

    its about the price of my chanel cerf tote, but hey its homecoming right? lol

    mines being tailored because it doesnt fit me quite right but its :love:.... i'll try to look for a pic...
  11. i remember in high school i'd be so happy to get a $70 dress at loehmann's for a school dance...what happened to the good old me? :shame:
  12. my mom said her prom dress was only half of mine...:shame: then she said "i wonder how much your prom dress will be" its Haut Couture all the way! baby!:shame:
  13. i know im hopeless :shame:
  14. I really don't like the dress.... at all.