My holy grail...

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  1. ... at the moment is the green hologram spy.

    what's yours?!
  2. SK - Isn't that the one SAICH2 was getting? Whatever happened with that bag? :confused1:
  3. Wow! I have never seen that one before! Nice!
  4. congrats!Soooo unique.....
  5. lol, my holy grail now is a chanel bag!
  6. Uh oh! are we gonna lose an authenticatress :confused1:

    Which one LIT?
  7. I remember Lit saying she wanted a Chanel... Hmmm as for myself I can't choose there are so many bags I want. But if I had to go with one, it would have to be a croc Birkin in a bright 'fun' colour, but seeing that those cost approx 50grand, ain't gonna happen. Plus there are waiting lists.

    So a realistic 'holy grail' bag for a poor student who stopped her casual job 4 months ago would be a black spy bag.
  8. On the wait list for my Holy Grail, at Hermes. Been waiting 1.5 years already. Hopefully, before my 30th BDay, I'll get the call (at the rate I'm celebrating the anniversary of my 27th Bday, Hermes can take their sweet time :p)!

    I have a Holy Grail in Spies too, but I don't want to say right now. She's going to be on her way over to me in early January, so I want to keep the suspense. It's like not seeing the groom before the wedding day! LOL

    Lit, is it a 2.55? Is it, is it?! :graucho: I :heart: the gray reissue and the PEARL 2.55. *melts*
  9. Pardon my ignorance. I only have 1 Chanel bag and I don't even know what it is. I think it's the Jumbo flap. What is the 2.55? Cos I have heard this term thrown around a bit.
  10. lol... i don't even know enough about chanel yet to tell you which one. i want a classic flap bag, preferably a largish one. my blackberry is like a freaking brick.
  11. Wow congratulations.
  12. Lit & Kav --

    A "2.55" is none other than the iconic classic flap. It's so called because M.Coco launched this bag that would take the world by storm in February of 1955: 2.55. There are generally 3 sizes.

    It's a gorgeous bag. The one I'm lusting after is the gray reissue, which was a bag from last fall/winter. It has silver hardware and a gorgeous distressed look about it, in a beautiful tone of gray. When it hit stores, it sold out quickly and alas, I missed out. At the time, I had convinced myself that I would wait for the arrival of the patent navy one (also gorgeous, btw). Here it is:


    The pearl 2.55 is super gorgeous. I'm stealing this pic from an eBay auction. The bag is, as you can guess, super hard to get.


    Sorry about hijaking this thread in the Fendi forum!!
  13. Ooooh!! :nuts: That's what I have! Thanks for the info fatefullotus. SO glad to finally know what it is. It's my 1st and only Chanel (at the moment :graucho:) and I got it cos I thought it would be good to have a classic. I always thought the 2.55 was the small longish baguette one.

    Lol you'd figure I would know the name to something I have. And yes sorry to hijack the thread... but I got the black. Taking her out tomorrow for good luck. I'm going to need it where I'm going... :sweatdrop:
    my 2.55.jpg
  14. lol... thanks everyone. i am specifically trying NOT to educate myself about Chanel, as I CANNOT buy a bag right now! At least I did get paid today!