My holy grail reveal!

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  1. I put myself on the wait list but I wasn't too confident that I'd get a call since it wasn't my local H store. A couple of days ago I got the call!

    A B35 in Geranium in Togo leather. I'm in love and so genuinely happy with my purchase.
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  2. She's beautiful! I'm your twin but with ghw & couldn't love her more. Congratulations!
  3. Absolutely beautiful! Which boutique?

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  4. Gorgeous
  5. Thanks, everyone! It's nice to share at a place like this. My friends don't really appreciate this kind of thing.

    Got her at the NY Wall St boutique. I'll definitely be shopping at that location more .
  6. Beautiful bag! Congrats:heart::smile:
  7. So beautiful, congratulations and enjoy her in good health!
  8. Such a gorgeous color!!:heart:
  9. Very special, the color is gorgeous. :tup::tup: How long was your wait?
  10. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  11. Gorgeous grail
    Geranium is lovely
  12. What a stunner! Congratulations on that beauty! Totally understand the appreciation for tpf family. My friends and family just don't understand either. Love it here!
  13. I love it. The geranium/PHW combo is so gorgeous
    Big congratulations to you!!
  14. Thrilled for you! A perfect combination, especially with PHW. Congratulations, and yes, we all understand H love here!
  15. Lovely bag! WS is my home store. I'd never buy anywhere else.