My Holy Grail .. Not Any More! :(

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  1. Hi laides,
    Since I got my Holy Grail (06 Lilac Work) I have been using it nonstop!! .. but there was a little part of me that didnt really accept it ... I have no idea why!! .. maybe it is because it is a work which means too MUCH lilac? .. I tried looking for a city to trade with but I dont seem to be "feeling" the color like I used to the very first day I saw it in SS 06 .. this has been my HG since that time!! and now that I have it .. its just not to my standard anymore? .. I LOVEEEEEE the bag!! its graet and I got an amazing deal for it ... I am using it nonstop but i just cant feel that this is my HG you know? .. its wierd to explain!! .. i am so diappointed at myself :tdown: have you ever had this feeling?
  2. i think this happens to almost everyone - once you get your HG you have to replace that "want" in your mind. it's like once you set your sights on something, there's the thrill of the hunt. once you get it, the thrill is gone, so you need something else to take it's place.

    fashion is always changing, you can never be satisfied permanently with it because some new style or color is always coming out.

    don't feel bad, feel glad that you got what you were on the hunt for! you should be happy, but know that once you've achieved something, you'll want to do it again!
  3. Of course! I'd venture a guess it's happened to all of us at least once. ;)
  4. I can relate. You know, sometimes when you are lusting after a hard-to-get back the anticipation the desire grows and grows until you come to the "I must have this bag, it's my HG of all bags!" phase. This phase is dangerous 'cus the bag has transcended from a want into a need. And sometimes when you get it you realized that it wasn't such a need but a nice want.

    And if this happens you are kinda disappointed. I find myself feeling this way about those bags that are so hard to get because of the demand (the "rare" ones). I find great pleasure in the pursuit. And once I get them the pursuit is over. Sometimes the bags live up to their pursuit and sometimes they don't. I find the ones that do live up their pursuits are the ones that can be worn all the time and are versatile. The ones with the special colors or style are the ones that I "get over" because they become less used.

    I hope this makes sense! :P
  5. Yup!

    Been there - sold that :rolleyes:
  6. Sure I've had that feeling! It's normal. With a HG, you can't help but build up the expectations, and when the HG arrives, you love it but the newness of it just wears off eventually. So normal! In fact, this is how I felt about ALL of my bags...and I still love and use all of them. It's just like looking for Mr.'s all rainbows and roses at first, and then things "calm down" and you settle into a quiet, contented life together.

    Do you feel this is a bag that you can still keep and use, or is your desire to let her go stronger than that?
  7. You are not alone! I never have really had 1 bag I really wanted (like a HG) but when I do like something a lot I obsess over it and then when I get it, it just doesn't seem as grand as I thought it would be. I LOVE your Lilac Work but you might be like me and need bigger bags in neutrals and smaller bags in color. Anyways, I'm glad to hear you still really like the bag but I don't think it's weird to be feeling the way you do.
  8. aw I sympathise with you.

    I am feeling the same but its not against my bals - its more about all my bags, just a bit bag content at the mo - maybe you are the same
  9. I agree, I feel this way about all my other bags now.
  10. i think i started feeling like this even before i got the bag!! :sad: thats whats getting me so down .. but i demanded that i still buy it cuz it is my HG for pete's sake! although in the back of my mind i knew that i dont really want it anymore but i still got it .. and to tell the truth i love it! i really do .. and i use it alot .. but i still cant shake teh feeling that it isnt as loved as the rest of my bbags .. its just .. i dont know .. oh well .. thats how it is i guess .. great to know im not alone!
  11. To me it is more that I never know how much I am going to like a bag until I have it. My HG is BG Pink, and it still is even though I got my first Pink City last Sept. Everytime I look at it, or use it, I feel happy. My new bright one (I faded my first City by taking too my photos of her in the CA sun) that I just bought I am gaga over, along with the vibrant First I bought. This color takes my breath away and it has not diminished with time.
    These are the bags I thought were HG's, but after owning them they just didn't do it for me...06 Lilac, Sky Blue, Teal, Indigo, and Eggplant. I would not have known they weren't for me until owning them for a couple of months, so I am not sorry I bought them. And because they were sought after colors I had no problem finding them new homes.
    Now two others that closely follow BG Pink for me are Magenta, and 05 Turq, and my feelings have not diminished for them either!
    So try not to be too hard on yourself, I truly believe owning them is the only way to know for sure. And if you had not bought it, it would have haunted you until you gave in to buy it anyway, and by then you probably would have had to pay much more just to find out a Lilac Work just isn't for you!

  12. I totally agree with Deana :tup: !!!! Well said ;)
  13. LOL, one of the things about my HG (Bal rouge theatre and Chloe rouge) was that I fell in love via pics.

    When I got the rouge paddy, it just wasn't the right red.

    When I saw the rouge theatre I was shocked at how dark it was.

    I blame Kelvin!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. I had a similar experience with my Emerald City. Emerald is the colour that got me excited about Balenciaga, but at the time I couldn't imagine paying $1200 for a bag. Then, as I slowly acquired some used, cheaper bags I thought more and more about buying it, and finally did about two months ago. After lusting after it for a full year, I was so excited to get it, but then it was a real let-down when it got here, and for a while I really didn't use it much.
    But after a few months, I'm really getting a lot of use out of it and loving it... so all I can say is give it a little time, and if the disappointment doesn't fade, it's time to let it go.
  15. I am still loveing mine girlie and i have been using it every day since i got it last week.:tup: I will keep you posted if the same thing happens to me.:PI love Lilac.:yahoo: