my Holy Grail is here!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  1. ladies...I am still shocked...excited...have butterflies in my tummy...

    i thought i was only dreaming when "she" arrived.....

    my holy grail is here....

    (this pic so cute)

    pics of my baby to follow....
  2. ohhh lets see
  3. yay show us!
  4. she's still shy.....:love::sweatdrop:
  5. holy gorgeous! wow!
  6. WOW! Braise croc kelly??????SHOW US!!!
  7. holy moly!!!
  8. :popcorn::popcorn::rochard:
  9. Is there a fainting smiley?
  10. here she is...:heart::love:

    32cm BRAISE Porosus Kelly w/ GH:love::yahoo::yahoo:

    *special thanks to JAG for helping me identifying the specs of my bag*
    Picture%20124.jpg Picture%20125.jpg
    now we have the same avatar . . . such Hermes love

  12. THUNDERING JESUS!!!!!! That's a grail, allright!!!!! Stunning Kelly, AMOUR.....CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby!!!!! She's beautiful!!!!
  13. with her older sister... (i love red bags...heheheh)

    35cm chevre vermillion and my new Braise baby:love:
  14. thanks so much ladies....I just couldnt pass her up!!!

    she's so gorgeous IRL:heart::yahoo:
  15. Congrats!! A wonderful Kelly!!x