My Holy Grail arrived!I'm so happy!**Pics**:)

  1. I received my beautiful Rouge Vif Purse today. I am sooo happy!:yahoo:
    I hope you ladies love it as much as I do:heart:!

    The family
    Leather comparison
    The bag on me

    Sorry about the quality of the pics- I'm still practicing:yes:
  2. one more:yes:
  3. it's gorgeous!! Congratulations!
  4. Awwww yey! It looks great on ya!

    Rouge VIF is TDF and you look sooooo happy!

    Congrats xoxo
  5. gorgeous bag!! it looks great on you. congrats :heart:
  6. Oh mine, Marie....I just love ur rouge VIF's FABULOUS....congrats for ur great find.....thanks for sharing...i love ur family collection esp ur black first with the attached's so awesome...heheheheh
  7. Thanks so much for your kind comments, ladies!:yes:
  8. hey MarieG,

    it looks AWESOME on you!!

    i'm a newbie, but what size is that? is it the first?

    i'm on the hunt for my first bbag =)
  9. :yahoo: i am so happy for you! :wlae: congrats. she is a beauty.
  10. Hi bubbleliciousis, the new rouge bag is purse style. Based on her family collection, on the right is the first style and the left is the city style, btw, the center as mentioned is purse style....:graucho: :graucho:
  11. Oh WOW! She's a beauty...:heart: :heart:
    the colour is simply stunning..
    everytime i see it , it makes me go:yahoo:

    you look lovely AND very happy carying it!!:yes: enjoy
  12. Marie, you are glowing in that RV!!! Congrats on that HG... I am still waiting for mine...

    Love the leather on yr firsts!
  13. you're looking FAB with your new BAG!!! congrats on the find!!! :o)
  14. :yahoo:congrats..! The "purse" suits you WELL. By the way're pretty:shame:
  15. Thanks Celia!

    I know i want a city but i also want something that's more of a shoulder bag. i was looking at the twiggy and parttime and this shoulder bag style might work as well! THANKS!!!