my holiest of Holy Grails has landed - an '04 Seafoam City!!


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Jul 27, 2007
I'm so happy for you: she is GORGEOUS!:girlsigh:
And in mint condition: how did you score that beauty?Congrats and enjoy! :woohoo:
thanks so much Babi!! :P

it's gorgeous! congrats!
thank you hellosunshine!!

gorgeous Leefi, congrats!!!.........I have one too;) and I love mine!

Kat do you use her a lot? i'm a bit scared of getting her dirty, but I just can't stop carrying her everywhere!

Leefi, can't believe how patiently you waited for your BEAUTY..congrats, and she looks SO amazing on you..
oohh quilter I know, it was such a terrible wait but I'm glad I waited this long and held out those countless seafoam firsts that came my way!

Congrat Leefy!:nuts::yahoo:
That bag is beyond gorgeous!
You two look lovely together :love:

thanks so much for your sweet comment Aki_Sato!!


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Jul 27, 2007
congrats its a lovely bag, i know waiting for the HG is torture!!!! the bag looks very nice and in very good condition!!
thank you lovelv!! the waiting was torture - but totally worth it! it is in very good condition, but like mentioned there will be some cleaning to do!!

Gorgeous! Wow, congratulations you lucky girl. She looks in good condition too. :yahoo:
thank you drati! I almost bought a Rouille after your advice a few months ago, but then held out until this baby came along!

Yehey!!! Leefi, you finally got your baby!! She is TDF!!! :girlsigh: Enjoy her well!!

I can't wait for mine!!
thank you chinkee21!! I can't wait to see your pictures!
:crybaby:You are lucky:crybaby:I want a Seafoam:crybaby:, I can't stop (kidding, but slightly serious) congrats on your new baby, she is a beauty:drool:
Oooh, don't worry AllHailtheQueen!! I've waited since November (at least) I'm sure one will come by for you!!

thank you laurasjeel!!


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Jul 27, 2007
Oh WOW....the colour is GORGEOUS & all that slouchy leather is soooooo :drool::drool: :drool:
thank you pinkboudoir!! I'm so glad that the leather is broken in already, I just have her sitting next to me and am drooling all over her!
OMG it's stunning! What a perfect find! Congrats! I'm so jealous hehe
I feel soo, so luck. Thank you Carmen82!
hehe thanks peppers90!

04 withpewter = best leather ever! Congrats. You look great with her.
I knooow sunspark, I wish they still made pewter HW....and that gorgeous '04 leather! thanks!

Congrats! Seafoam is a beautiful color, one of my favorites!
you have a gorgeous collection yourself fashion_junky! I love all of your seafoams, '04 turquoise & vert d'eaus!!


Jul 31, 2006
96° in the shade
I love it when a patient Bal lover is finally united with her HG, threads like these are wonderful to read because I can tell how happy you are! Congratulations and enjoy!!


Mar 3, 2007

congratulations on your HHG! :smile: such a beautiful deep shade and isn't the PH amazing?? she looks lovely on you!!! i love the shirt dress you are wearing too :smile: