my holiest of Holy Grails has landed - an '04 Seafoam City!!

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  1. my Balenciaga obsession started when I saw a picture of ashley olsen carrying her seafoam first. I started doing research on tpf, trawling around e*ay, etc... and came to the conclusion that I would never be as lucky as to find a Seafoam City.

    Then a few weeks ago, my luck turned and I found a lovely seller who was willing to part with her baby. :yahoo:I stayed up till 5 am that night dealing with money, etc... just so I could get my grubby little paws on her as soon as possible! :graucho:The seller was a pleasure to deal with and all worked out perfectly.
    Until easter came: because of the holidays the post system wasn't working over 3 whole days which means that I had to leave the UK and return home for a few weeks without my beloved seafoam.:crybaby:

    After waiting and agonizing at home, I finally arrived back in London to find my new baby waiting for me! I am loving her to bits, the silver HW, the color, the I know what all of you mean when you talk about older leathers.

    The first picture shows her color most accurately. I am sooo in love and still in shock because I never thought that I could be able to get my hands on such a rare beauty!!

    I will have to clean it up a bit, however at the moment I'm not worrying about that and just enjoy having her in my life! :roflmfao:

    So without further ado - my new beauty!!

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  2. Leefi!
    I'm so happy for you: she is GORGEOUS!:girlsigh:
    And in mint condition: how did you score that beauty?Congrats and enjoy! :woohoo:
  3. it's gorgeous! congrats!
  4. gorgeous Leefi, congrats!!!.........I have one too;) and I love mine!

  5. Leefi, can't believe how patiently you waited for your BEAUTY..congrats, and she looks SO amazing on you..
  6. Congrat Leefy!:nuts::yahoo:
    That bag is beyond gorgeous!
    You two look lovely together :love:
  7. congrats its a lovely bag, i know waiting for the HG is torture!!!! the bag looks very nice and in very good condition!!
  8. Gorgeous! Wow, congratulations you lucky girl. She looks in good condition too. :yahoo:
  9. Yehey!!! Leefi, you finally got your baby!! She is TDF!!! :girlsigh: Enjoy her well!!

    I can't wait for mine!!
  10. :crybaby:You are lucky:crybaby:I want a Seafoam:crybaby:, I can't stop (kidding, but slightly serious) congrats on your new baby, she is a beauty:drool:
  11. beautiful!!!
  12. Oh WOW....the colour is GORGEOUS & all that slouchy leather is soooooo :drool::drool: :drool:
  13. OMG it's stunning! What a perfect find! Congrats! I'm so jealous hehe
  14. Delish!!:tup:
  15. 04 withpewter = best leather ever! Congrats. You look great with her.