Food My holiday Cake - thought I would share

Sep 30, 2007
I just took this into my son's 6th grade class. You should have heard the gasps! LOL It made my day (especially since it was kind of crappy to start out with! LOL) I do cakes sort of for fun and a little business here and there. Not a "super star", but I was pretty happy with the results!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays everyone!




WOW-that is soooooooooo beautiful. You are truly a artist. I am sure your son's class will enjoy your cake. I can't even imagine how hard it is to transport that cake to his class. It would be funny for all the kids to ask their moms to make a cake just like you did...... How long did it take you to make it? I really admire people who have the talent to do things like this.
Happy Holidays.
gee thanks... Well, an artist I am not, I think I got lucky today as freehanding? OMG, no way! LOL But, trees and snowmen aren't too difficult! LOL

Yep, transporting that was a little scary. I had it doweled (internal skewers) but it did get a little smooshed in the middle, but not by much. You should see the state of my kitchen right now! LOL

How long did it take - well mixing and baking and making frosting (I do all organic - no crisco, but butter) - 1 hour. Decorating 2.5 hours and during that time I was also entertaining my son here and there. Clean up (which I have yet to do - 30 minutes.
Oh my gosh - I can't even frost a sheet cake without creating a mess! This cake is incredible - I don't even know how you did the "Globe" section.

Thanks! Well, the globe is a ball pan, you cook two halves and then put them together.

The biggest secret to icing a cake is to NOT use canned frosting, that stuff is glue! You MUST make your own. Now, most people do crisco and powdered sugar with flavorings, but I use all butter (as I try to do mostly organics).

Oh, and flavor is yellow with apricot filling and vanilla frosting. The apricot is really subtle and cuts the sweetness of the frosting.
You are my hero! Your son must have been so proud of you today. :smile:

For the life of me, I cannot make a cake that doesn't resemble a rectangle, lol. I love that show Ace of Cakes though, and I always wished I had the talent and dedication it takes to complete a masterpiece like that.
"Not a superstar"? Are you kidding me? That cake is FABULOUS!!!! What an incredible job! I can't imagine how excited your son must have been to bring that into his class. I really want to learn how to make creative cakes like that!
Wow... thanks guys. I guess I'm jaded since I belong to a community of cake decorators, so I know how well these CAN be done and mine is "good", but not "great" compared to some masters I know (and most of them are just small potatoes business too).

I think my talent is knowing what my limits are! LOL Notice, the snowmen have no hats or scarves as I KNOW I wouldn't be able to pipe them right... by leaving them off, it doesn't draw attention to sloppy work and snowmen without hats and scarves are still cute! LOL