My HOF reset of my wedding rings!!

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  1. I loved by old HOF set, but was drawn to this HOF halo setting. I've been debating this change for some time and decided to go for it. I had to have the wedding band custom made to fit the new engagement ring. I'm happy to say that both rings exceeded by expectations:biggrin: Now, for some pics...

    Engagement ring: The shank is a knife edge with two rows of pave diamonds.

  2. GORGEOUS pic! Just gorgeous.
  3. The wedding set: IRL, the w-band is very delicate.

  4. Oh my goodness that is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! More pictures please!!! I love everything about it!
  5. Lovely!! :love: What are you doing with your old set?
  6. The gallery:

  7. Side view:

  8. Handshot:

  9. Extreme close up!!

  10. Thanks, Kellybag!!
  11. #11 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    Thank youso much, NurseAnn!! I'll try to get some more pics done. For every good pic, many others have been deleted;)
  12. Many thanks, ahertz!! I'll be using my five-stone ring, when I want to keep things simple. I'm having my Ceylon sapphire set into my former e-ring. That ring should be ready by next weekend, I hope!
  13. ^^ Sounds lovely! I look forward to seeing pictures of your Ceylon set soon.
  14. oh my, that is absolutely gorgeous! congrats!
  15. Pretty!