My Hillier Hobo Is Here!!!!

  1. My Hillier came on Tuesday I....and IT ROCKS!!:tender: I too wondered why I saw a higher price than what I paid at NM, and like a dork I just thought I got a better deal:shame: was because there was a bigger then I was worried that I would not like the smaller size, and thought I maybe made a mistake by not getting the larger. Although NM does not offer the larger size. So my bag came and to be honest I think it is a great size!! I am also able to wear it mess style as well (altough I will have to wait until spring/summer to do so because it won't work over a coat) which I REALLY wanted to do. I LOVE big bags, but the larger size Hillier must be HUGE:shocked:
  2. Pics, please! I'm curious!
  3. congrats and yes, please post some modeling pix for us!!
  4. Yay! Congratulations! Would love to see pics! Which colour did you get?
  5. Yippee! I love the hillier and i think the smaller size is perfect. I saw the bigger one and it's huge!
  6. I love the smaller hillier, it is PERFECT. I thought the larger one was too big and it looked kind of ridiculous on me. What color did you get?! And can't you use the longer strap to wear over a coat? pics pics pics!
  7. I got the bag in Saddle!! I love it because it looks like the Whiskey color of my chloe paddy bag!! I will have to borrow a camara because I left mine at a hotel in Chicago way back in Oct...Although, would I be able to take a pic with my Blackberry and post it!?!:thinking:
  8. Funny....I just saw that NM posted a pic of the Hillier in the Saddle color, and that is not the color my bag is. Their picture looks a lot darker!
  9. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pictures!!!
  10. Ooooh please post pics!
  11. Congrats!!! Pics please!!
  12. Model! Model! Model!