My high heeled Crocs just arrived and I love them!

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  1. Yes, they are high heeled Crocs! I am so in love! The style is "Cyprus" and run true to size, cost is $49.95, the color I got is bronze, but they have some really cute colors to pick from. Right now and for a while they have been sold out on, I bought them from and that site still has some left. I think these are going to be the rage for the Spring and Summer...hurry get a pair.


  2. Haha those are AWESOME! I don't own any crocs but those look a lot better than their regular ones!
  3. They are so much fun! Now if it were warmer than 40 degrees I would be out on the town in them! Instead I am wearing my Mammoth Crocs...the ones with the furry insert! They are so warm and toasty!
  4. I, for one, love your high-heeled Crocs. I saw them a couple of weeks ago on the Crocs website, and I fell in love with them. I'm waiting for them to show up in stores.

    I became a Crocs fan when I bought my first pair while on vacation in Hawaii. Then I bought a pair of high wedge boots from You by Crocs. Also very comfy.

    Now I'm dieing for a pair of the high-heeled Crocs. They must feel dreamy. I want the red ones.
  5. shoeangel, eeeeek! I just placed a second order for them in red! Of course they are not just called red, they are "Scarlett"! I guess I really am in love :love:!

    And, yes they do feel dreamy. Soft and cushy yet supportive and lots of room for your toes to squirm!
  6. They are totally not my taste at all, but they look super-comfy. Congrats on a great find!
  7. Ordering me a pair now! Too cute! Did you get yours from
  8. My DD loves her Mammoth's.... hers are covered in Jibbitz though
  9. shoeangel, No, they were sold out. Like I wrote in my post, I bought them from
  10. Eeesh! Would you think less of me :s if I told you that I have a big flower and three lady bug Jibbitz on mine!?
  11. I'm not gonna lie, I don't like those, but great thing they work out for you and the price is great as well!
  12. Oh I love them! Do they fit for wide feet (i.e. will the side of my foot where the bone part is stick out)?

    I love the brown/pink pair!!!
  13. Do these run true to size? They don't do half sizes, so would you recommend ordering up or down if a person is normally a half size? Some sites say they are 4 inch, but Crocs say they are 3 inch - I am betting Crocs is more accurate?
  14. I'm not a fan of them but they do look comfortable.
  15. I love these! They look like a super-comfy fun shoe for summer! Can't wait till they show up in stores!