My high end denim girls....

  1. Here are some codes that I have used on my retail therapy weekend. If you love sevens, rocks, citizens, joes, and TR's...these are for you. I think these have been posted; but just in case I'm doing my "bagachondriac" :biggrin: impression and putting them in one thread!

    ALL AUTHENTIC!!! enter "sale" for 20%... works on everything on the site... have a lot of RR toutie for on everything I believe toutie15 for 15% only on regular price stuff <stingy> $10 off 10DOOFFSO 40% off sale "winter08"

    There are some more; but I forgot. I will add to the post later.
  2. Thanks so much! I'll check them out.
  3. Got another one:

    I am addicted to Earnest Sewn jeans. They're on sale at Whim ( You can use denim08 for an additional 20% off all denim, either sale or regular price. Just got my favorite $198 jeans for $120!:yahoo:

    I've been wearing out the poor UPS guy this month. I don't know if it is just that sales are that great in January or whether I just so detest winter that I distract myself by shopping, but I can hear my credit card whimpering in my wallet!
  4. while this thread has your attention: how do you girls feel about paige denim? i'm sure i've tried on the brand in the past but i don't remember what the fit is like anymore. i'm usually a 7s girl; they just fit my butt better, but lately i havent been able to find 7s of the dark wash i want at a good price (and a lot of online retailers are restricting this brand from sales or discount codes). but i've heard editors swear that paiges are great for curvy butts.

    i'm really tempted to try them, especially with the sales listed in this post (thanks!). are they true to size? good quality?
  5. i looooove paige.. it's definitely a tie between 7's a-pockets and paige for butt-enhancement qualities!

    in my experience, paige runs pretty much tts, although i found the melrose cut in dark resin to run small. they're super good quality, there's just somethign about the wash and cut that makes your legs look longer and leaner.. love them!! i just ordered a pair of the roxbury crops =)
  6. Has anyone ever worn William Rast? Do they run true to size?
  7. is redsquare authentic?
  8. the roxbury crops are the ones i'm thinking about! i'm looking for a dark cigarette leg; these look really really skinny. i'm kind of over the skinny look, and i'm concerned these might be too tight. do you already own these? i have j-brand skinnies and they are so tight that i have poor leg circulation after i wear them for more than 4 hours (i can tell because my legs fall asleep really quickly if they're not moving).

  9. Paula, my husband bought a pair of William Rast jeans this past weekend and we thought they ran a little big. He normally wears a 36, but he got a 34 instead. The SA at the boutique we got them at agreed that they ran a little big. But that is mens, so I don't know about womens.
  10. redsquare is authentic and they offer free shipping on a lot of items, plus their cs is great!
  11. emoda has horrible cs, btw. i find that paige runs a bit big. the quality is wonderful. i hear that a lot of wr runs huge but a few run tts. i suppose it depends on wash and cut.
  12. Thanks shaurin....look what I found next to the description:

    Rast runs a size bigger- so if you are a 27 in most denim you will be a size 26. Call with questions!

  13. most of my pairs run 1 size big. but i have a couple pairs that are true to size.
  14. ooops i said big. i meant small.

  15. I live 1/2 mile from the Red Square store and everything is totally authentic, great place to shop!