My HH Stash :)

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  1. So I've been organizing the house and yesterday I decided to see what I had from are the pictures of my HH collection!! :biggrin:






  2. Shoes:





  3. Such a great collection!! :love:
  4. NICE!!! :drool:
  5. ahhhh drooling here

    i hate you hahaha
  6. Drooling over your Pilot collection :smile:
  7. :ps:

    Your collection is AMAZING..... Love soooooo many of your pieces, too many to mention!!
    And you rock every single one of them Hottie!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!
  8. WOW, awesome collection and nice variety!
  9. Nice job Luciana! Such gorgeous pieces!!!
  10. Gorgeous collection, Luciana!!! :drool: You've got some great items there, still drooling over your new Havana haha! Thanks for sharing. :flowers:
  11. Love.

    And I think you have spare MB carryall...that you should send to me ;)
  12. Holy Moly Scoly!!

    Nice collection luc. You've displayed them so nicely. I'm wanting on some of those pieces!!!
  13. So glad you posted pics. That's a fab collection!
  14. :ty::ty::ty::winkiss:
  15. Dear Luciana,

    My body is quivering... Your pilots give me pleasurable vibrations in my.... heart! :biggrin: