1. :faint: congrats!!
  2. absolutely love it :biggrin:
  3. Oh my eyes! my eyes!! Its absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
  4. Bling bling, it's so beautiful! Congrats!
  5. :nuts: Oh, so much bling!! What a stunning flap, congratulations! I'm blinded, get me my sunnies, quick!! :sunnies
  6. Beautiful beyond belief!! Miss Blingy took my breath away!! Congrats on scoring such a rare bag!

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  7. So sparkly!!! So beautiful!! It looks like it needs to be in a glass case upon a pedestal!!
  8. that is a show stopper! Congrats!
  9. Oh my!!! :drool:
    Pursebop, your new bag will be the belle of the ball wherever you go. :hbeat:
    Truly an awesome purchase.
    Would simply love to see some modelling pics.
  10. spectacular! and i would love to see your garden/flowers! congrats ~ enjoy!
  11. A girl can never have too much bling. Gorgeous! Now.. Where are my sunglasses ?
  12. Yes the Sparkle beauty bag from 2011 was beautiful. It was multi colored stones.... But what didn't agree with me there was that the CC flap was left plain and not embellished as the 12P.
    Glad you liked the pictures, hehe ;) that was the fun part!
  13. I'm pleased you agree with my color choice. It was difficult to select until I saw all three "IRL". The ombré effect of the silver beauty just made her irresistible to me. Each color had its own 'special effects'.
    Bluekit the size of the bag also was just too perfect...approx 8 x 6 larger than the rectangular mini but smaller than m/l ;)
    I will do some detailed pictures as many have requested as well as some modeling ones when my outfit is worthy of her!
  14. Thank you for your compliments, and YES she is very easy to spot in the dark! In fact her shine shines ever so bright in evening light.....the ombré effect really comes to life when stones capture the dim lights!
  15. Modeling pictures soon, I promise! ;)