1. :love:So the story of the ULTIMATE SPRING FLING WITH BLING begins in Vegas at the relaunch of the Bellagio boutique in January, where a special edition collection of handbags was created to commemorate it's opening.....

    The blue and pink Swarovski gems inspired a passion of pursuit for the perfect "Chanel Sparkle Beauty Bag for moi"

    Much to my pleasure and upon some in depth investigation, I found out that Chanel was introducing 3 completely encrusted Swarovski classic flaps...
    One in blue, one in silver and one in gold, each for $10,000:p

    Details beyond that were sparse,
    so I had hoped that with the passing of time,
    this frivolous passion of mine,
    might subside, and perhaps this desire might manage to slip away with the bright lights of Vegas .

    As spring surfaced, so did the details of the sparkle beauty bag ;)
    I was impressed with my ability to merely create a post called 'for the blingy Chanel lovers' and share my findings passed on by SA's and not feel the need to order it! Feeling very determined I carried on with the fabulous discussions in the blingy thread ....

    I was quite confident that I was content with my other 12p purchases until.....

    One fine sat afternoon, while waiting for my car at a hand wash I decided to "check in" here at the Purse Forum to see the latest excitement....there were our reveals of the newly released 'pearly one's , mini greens, dark pink fonce patents, etc, etc the forum was buzzing with exciting reveals!

    To my delightful surprise a fellow pf'er showcased her reveal of the star glazed beauty! (Lamborghini girl is to blame for this one, LOL....she and I were going back and forth on the blingy thread)

    All my restraint melted away....

    That was the straw that broke the camel's back....I called my NM SA immediately and explained that there was such a thing as this 'sparkle beauty bag' and I would need to see each of the 3 colors to make an informed decision in the 'event' I must have one......

    My dear SA did her part in the blingy drama and confirmed she would arrange for me to preview the beauties, as difficult as it would be to transfer them in. NM only had 4 of each color in the entire company and the reserved pieces were already sold.....

    My dedicated SA did exactly as she promised, and upon my return from my cruise she had the magical preview all set up....

    I tried to convince my DH to come along to see, but it was a gorgeous Wednesday afternoon and my shopping trip to NM did not stand a chance against his GOLF

    It was only fair to my SA to go and see of I was a contender because calls were coming in from west coast clients to purchase the beauty!

    Well the DECISION took 60 seconds, one text to DH (to make him feel involved in the decision making process) , tons of ooooohhhh's and aaaaahhhhh's and millions of sheer giggles of delight! And a very expensive swipe of the NM charge card!

    I am delighted to share with you my holy grail of ultimate bling this spring!:cutesy:

    Thank you for sharing my story and I sincerely hope you enjoy these pics as much as I did taking them while exploring the yard this morning .....:heart::heart::heart:
    photo.JPG photo-1.JPG photo-2.JPG photo-3.JPG photo-4.JPG photo-5.JPG photo-6.JPG photo-7.JPG photo-8.JPG photo-9.JPG
  2. :woot::woot::woot::woot::woot:GORGEOUS!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!
  3. Congratulations!!! That is one AHmazing bag. It is so sparkly & pretty. Enjoy this beauty, you'll definitely get tons of jealous stares.
  4. Stunning! Congrats! I love this bag!
  5. Simply stunning!
  6. Beautiful!!! It is indeed a sparkle beauty!
  7. Wow if you happen to forget to retrieve your sparkling beauty from the pretty flower bushes, let me know! I will fly down to pick it up, hehehe.

    So bling!!! :smile: congrats and i love your story of "involving"your DH!!
  8. My DH had quite a hearty chuckle watching me from the windows this morning scurrying around the yard in my PJ's with the square shimmering handbag hanging from walnut tree and camera in hand!
    Thank u for sharing my story!
    I'll keep you posted on its bushy whereabouts lol ;)
  9. Absolutely stunning ! :heart:

    Any chance at a modeling picture of how you intend to wear it ? :graucho:
  10. Wow that is gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  11. Oh gosh, the most gorgeous purse, hands down. It's definitely a true beauty!
  12. what a crazy beautiful sparkly!! :faint: I may need to put on my shades to view this one. :biggrin:How do you like it so far? Is it heavy? Would love some modeling pics Pursebop!!:woohoo: Big congrats!!!!!
  13. Sparkly stunning!! As sweet as your garden :smile:
  14. wooooow, what a beauty...enjoy
  15. She is a sparkling gem! Congratulations on your stunning beauty and thank you for sharing this spectacular piece!!