My HG shoes are slipping away....

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  1. My HG Yoyo 110 in nude patent are slipping away! I bought the NP in black with red tip on Sunday, and the SA charged my card for them. He wasnt supposed to, as I had just given him the cash! He was supposed to charge the card to order my 110s. Since I have an $800 daily limit on my card (its a debit card) I have to WAIT until that charge falls off before they can charge me for my 110s to send to me! I am so afraid they are going to be sold! They have tried to do it twice now, and it hasnt gone through. I dont know what the deal is, since there is plenty of money in there to pay for it. But I just want my shoes! Im so sad. Its the SAs fault. He messed it all up. PLUS I should get $150 gc because I bought two pairs of shoes, but I didnt get one. I didnt think about it til this afternoon. He probably thinks I am some scrub whos card is empty or something.

    On the bright side I wore my black VPs to Saks to apply for a job, and got complimented on my fabulous shoes! :heart:

    I need a job. If any of you guys are in Houston and know of anything, help me out! I have to get out of my job.
  2. These things are quite the waiting game. It takes a couple to a few days for chargebacks like this happen. Hang in there... :noworry:
  3. oohh that sounds terrible! I'm sure it'll work out for the best!!
  4. I would make certain the SA is having the yoyo's held and I would call him about the giftcard. If there is an issue escalate to the manager and let him know that if the SA had not made a mistake both shoes would have been run up Saturday.
  5. this sucks. i would definitely explain the situation to a manager right away. hopefully it'll all work out in the end.

    good luck with the saks job. i couldn't work there because my whole paycheck would go right back in the store.
  6. Wait a minute, if you already gave him the cash, WTH did he charge your debit card? All he has to do is apply the cash towards the YoYo and let the charge stay on your debit card for the NP Black Kid w/ red tip with possib;e crediting some money b/c you ended up paying over.
  7. very smart, wantmore! that is so true!!
    but since all this has happened, i think at least you should make the SA hold the yoyo for you, MKWMDA. Really.
    Hang in there, MKWMDA. We really hope this will be sorted out soon.
  8. Sending you good thoughts :yes: Don't worry, I'm sure it'll work out for you.
  9. I'm with BogeyJay. Get the manager involved right away. You deserve compensation for this fiasco. And never fret about what an SA thinks...your money's as good as anyone's.