My HG Shoe Came Today!!! It Deserves Its Own Thread!

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  1. Stinas those are gorgeous on you!!!
  2. :drool:
    helmuts look beautiful on & those are no exception!
  3. I am so happy for you! :yahoo:

    I know how hard it is to find these. Congrats! They certainly deserve a celebration so be sure to go out and show them off soon!

    I hope to find leopard pony helmuts someday too!
  4. I love them, wore them once, but they get dirty FAST! I take them out here & there to try on & look at lol, and noticed a few spots on them.
    Any suggestions on how to clean them?
    lol your the best thanks!
    Yeah, they do size weird. I should have got my patent ones in a 37.5, it feels like they stretched a bit. My foot does not have a big arch, pretty flat themselves. The second time I wore them I realized your foot does touch the ground here and there. Its weird actually. You really have to find a pair, it would be a great addition to your CL family.
    Cant wait to see your group pics.
  5. Dont worry I will....possibly tom night for dinner & thurs night for drinks lol
    I love how we plan around our shoes!
    Thanks everyone. :heart:
  6. WOW! They are stunning! I want to see family pictures too! I can't have ponyhair so I'll just have to drool over yours.
  7. are my Helmut/Helmoon group shot.

    I got bored, so I took all the babies out to
  8. Can you tell I have OCD? lol
  9. :girlsigh:wow! your collection is absolutely stunning.
  10. WOW! Those look great on you! I hope one day my collection will be as large as yours! I like the photos on the boxes though, even if it is a little OCD. :smile: When my collection grows, I'm going to use that idea!
  11. Stinas, they are gorgeous. So happy you got them!!! Wear them well.
    OMG, your collection is stunning!!! :wtf:
  12. Love the new shoes, and the entire collection. They are fabulous!!!!
  13. :nuts: once again Stinas, they are UNREAL !!!! :yes::yes: :love: :drool:
  14. What a good job you did taking your family pictures! I remember you saying you were very organized and now we have the pictures as proof. Can I hire you to take pics of my collection like that? Love how you brought them all out to pay.

    I also never mentioned in my previous posts in this very thread, that you rock those helmuts!
  15. Those are smokin' hot. Congrats on getting your HG and enjoy! And your collection is OUTSTANDING. I am humbled by your degree of organization. You GO girl!