My HG Shoe Came Today!!! It Deserves Its Own Thread!

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  1. Ponyhair Helmuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love them!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Beautiful! They look wonderful!!! Can't wait to see the outfits that will be created with those beauties! SEXY!!!:supacool:
  3. WOW They are beautiful! Congrats, I know that you have been searching for that shoe for ages.
    Let's see a Helmut family shot.
  4. Stinas I cannot believe how gorgeous that shoe is :drool:
  5. Congratulations Stinas! Now that is a shoe! :woohoo:I'd like to see a Helmut family photo too.
  6. Im off tonight, so I think I might take that group shot lol
    Kam & Lav - I want to see a group shot of all yours. Thats when ill really drool! Dont you both have this shoe?
  7. Bring on the family photos........ :popcorn:
  8. Stinas, no family shot for me since I only have one pair of helmuts - the black satin ones with crystals. There have been a few times when I wanted to bid on helmuts on ebay but you always beat me to it (this last time included). :crybaby:
  9. Those are gorgeous, Stinas! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. awww!!! I never knew we wear the same size?! You can borrow them whenever you like! :yes:
    I want to see all your CL's! Just to drool thats all. It will help with my ban hahaha ban....everytime I say the word it makes me laugh!.
    oo_let_me_see - Thanks!!!!
  11. Holy cow!!!!!
  12. ^^You wear them well so enjoy them. And I may have to take you up on your offer :winkiss:
    Secretly I still kick myself that I didn't bid on the nude satin ones that you got for such a great deal!
  13. I've said it before, I'll say it again YOU HAVE TO BE A SHOE MODEL! You have the best feet, your feet wear loubs like you were born in them. Your helmuts are just INSANE. I love them! Congrats!
  14. Stinas, I WISH I had a pair of helmuts! I have a problem with the sizing on them as my heels are very narrow and my feet tend to have a very low arch and are practically flat as pancakes. Not to mention they are a bit wide for this shoe, so I am afraid that my foot would be sticking out on the inside part. I will have to say that even if my foot resembles K-Cav :wtf: in her CLs I would still get them!

    I do have a family shot of my CLs, which I will post sometime. It is because of my CL family that I try to be on a ban. Try being the operative word. I have brought my habit down from three pairs a month to two.
  15. Yowsers!! They are amazing
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