My HG Reveal!!! Plus another small addition to my collection!


Sep 15, 2012
Ontario, Canada
I've been in love with this bag since I first saw pictures of it. But since it was a limited edition it was out of stores before I even realized it existed!

About two months ago I told my best friend how this is a never-ever HG bag of mine since the resale price is ridiculous and I'm also too scared of being a victim of the bait-and-switch on eBay. Not even a month after I said that I found my HG being sold locally!! The seller was so sweet and patient and kept sending me photos of the bag as I requested them. The bag was in great condition with really even patina. I also found out the seller was a member here on tpf and I was thrilled!!!

Since one of the chaps had a loose stitch, I had to send my bag in for a repair and I was finally able to pick her up this week. I can't wait for all this snow to melt and spring to come so I can finally use it!

I also recently picked up a 4-key holder and decided to make it my first heatstamped piece. I was a bit worried as I have read some heatstamp horror stories but mine came out perfect!

Thanks for joining me in my reveal. And sorry it was a bit long!



Jul 14, 2012
Gorgeous watercolor speedy, what a great find!! The vernis key holder is beautiful and the heat stamp is a great personal touch!