My HG is just so expensive, I don't know if I'll ever get it!

  1. I know I sound like eyeore, but my HG (Green Apple City) in mint condition is going for so much money that I cannot justify paying over $2000 for it! It is really tragic.

  2. WTF???? Who did this happen to? And give me their address... Just kidding!
  3. I never get tired of that story. ;)
  4. Don't give up hope!! I am sure one day you will find one for under $2000. Plus everyone needs a HG, because if you don't have one then it is always some other bag. It's a never ending cycle.
  5. fiat, i never tire of that story either! it's legendary. what a great bedtime story to tell our little ones! :tender:

    shasta, the problem is... it's alot of ppls' GH too. :push: hang in there!
  6. You may get lucky and find one that people are snoozing in. I paid over 2000. for my bubblegum, '05 turquoise and my pebbled brass. I'm done with the HG bags. I don't think there is any other bbag that I want enough to pay over 1500. MAX. Well, maybe one, hehe that I would go all out for, but it would have to be alomost mint condition.
    I don't regret paying that for the 3 that I did pay a lot. They are like new and I love all 3 of them.
  7. I just read this thread! Its an amazing story... I will dream of me finding my HG in a thrift shop tonight ;)

    Anyway... Shasta, don't give up hope!
  8. Okay, don't hate me for this advice...but I'll bet that if you wait another few months, you'll get one a lot cheaper. These things go in waves- people get excited about a certain colour and it becomes very in-demand...then people think,"Oh, it's worth a lot, I should sell mine." This causes over-saturation as well as overexposure so not only are there more available, but people are bored and move on to the next hot collectible.
    This happened a few.months ago with Magenta, and even Flat Brass Firsts where suddenly they were popping up everywhere for a while and prices kept going down.
    Be will be your time soon enough- and you may not even want it anymore once it becomes easy to find!
  9. I think this is good advice.
  10. Yeah, over $2000 is a bit steep.
  11. i was about to say the same thing as stylefly, but she's already covered it :smile:

    i know it's tempting to think that you'll never see your HG bag again, but just wait. it's almost guaranteed that when next season's bags come out, people will be cleaning out their closets to help fund their new purchases, and your HG may suddenly appear with a lower price tag.
  12. There's one for 1599. on eBay right now.
  13. ^^ me neither (lol!!!) :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: