My HG is....and I need help finding it!

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  1. Ladies (and Gents!) - I finally know what my HG is:yes:, but there is a problem :sad:, it is from 2005...I have to have an Indigo First or City. Can anyone tell me where I might find one? Please, please help me!!!!
  2. I saw one on eBay recently. It may be still there. It pops up here and there. Good luck!!!
  3. oooh, I hope you get it! I read on the Purse Forum that there was one on Ebay being sold by a PF'er. Best of luck!
  4. Thanks, guys. I didn't see it on ebay, but will check again now!:supacool:
  5. Oh you have to find the one on ebay. I bought it in brand new shape and the gal that bought it from me listed it to get some Fall bags. Here is a photo of it to make you drool!!!! It was sooo hard letting her go, but I just kept using my vibrant colored bags instead of her. This is the exact bag listed!
  6. Bump!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.