My HG (in colour) Nightingale.

  1. My order from Lindestore arrived this morning. Hated the fact that I had to be at work, sick with the flu, knowing this was waiting for me.

    Impressed with their delivery time. I ordered this on the night of the 11th or 12th, and got it today, so less than 5 working days. Excuse the pic overload, as I am inlove with this colour. I have been wanting it since I saw the similar colour on Ashley Tisdale. I have a penchant for non-black bags, its becoming a sickness.

    And please excuse the 3rd photo, im in my hobo (house) attire. I have to say that the large is LARGE! It's a behemoth on me. Im 5" and it's about a 3rd of me.

  2. Oh dear! There must be a problem with your photos as they are not showing up and with the error "This image or video is currently unavailable". Maybe you can fix them or re-upload so we can appreciate your Givenchy! :flowers: Get well soon too!
  3. bry_dee: love your collection of vintage Mulberrys...esp the Wexford Messenger Briefcase
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    Thanks nielnielniel! I just got the last Mulberry the other day! :biggrin: Though I don't get to use the wexford these days because of our crazy, rainy weather.

    I'm still excited to see OT's bag! :graucho:
  5. Oh im sorry, I can see them perfectly, maybe its the settings on the pictures hostpage.

    Be right back, will sort it out.
  6. Ok just changed the settings, I hope that worked.
  7. Still doesn't come up . So sad :sad:
  8. Sorry guys, ill try again, for some reason it wont let me edit my initial post.

    Please let this work, I never usually have problems, but tonight I was playing around the settings on my account. Grrr!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. What a beautiful bag! Congratulations! I even Google-d Ashley Tisdale just to be sure of the color. On Google images "ashley tisdale givenchy", it seems she likes the bag A LOT. So I can't blame you, it's a beauty ;)
  10. Thank you so much and thanks for being patient. I'm technology challenged!
    I love Ashley's bag. I wish I'd gotten my hand on it when it was still around as I love all the hardware. But this was such a bargain to pass up and it's in the same colour. I'm also now waiting on the antigona in cream ^_^:biggrin:
  11. beautiful bag!! is this the natural color?
  12. Thank you sweetart :biggrin: I would say yes this is natural. I looked at a few online stores that were selling these and different colour names were used, Lindestore called this cipria which apparently means powder or face powder in Italian. Other sites called it skin, beige and natural. So it was really hard for me determine what the colour really looked like as I'd never seen it in person. But I had an idea. In person it's more a blushey nude with pinkish brown undertones.
  13. what a lovely color, kind of blush like in certain lighting and then sandy nude in you will get lots of envious stares with this one, starting with mine!
  14. Thanks randr21 she is a gorgeous colour! I however can't use her yet until I get my LMB products. I used her yesterday and it was showering on and off. She got drizzled on and most it dried without a mark but there's 3 small drops that haven't disappeared. So I'm going to waterproof it first. But I love the size, colour and the soft buttery leather.
  15. It's gorgeous! I love the color although it might require a little extra of maintainance :smile: congrats and enjoy her! I had a light brown nightingale which I had exchanged it with a marine pandora :smile: anyway, I might be getting a black nightingale soon :smile: