My HG brown cabas and PITC flap are here!!!

  1. I finally decided it was time to stop lusting after my HG dark brown cabas and just get one. The next day, one popped up on eBay :yahoo:!!! I wound up paying substantially more than retail but I couldn't pass it up again. I got her a couple days ago and love that she can carry everything!! I can keep my daughter's diaper stuff in a plastic bag in the detachable pouch and detach it from the purse whenever I need to use it. The caviar leather is so amazing! It's hard to tell from the pics but there's so much depth to the color and there are slight color variations throughout the bag.:love:

    I just got my PITC flap today so I thought I'd post pics of both of them. Here's the cabas- btw sorry for the mess in the background, it's closet cleaning time and the guest room has become sorting ground #1:
    Chanels 178.jpg Chanels 185.jpg Chanels 186.jpg Chanels 182.jpg Chanels 174.jpg
  2. Here are pics of my new small black PITC flap. Thanks so much to Mylilsnowy for helping me locate one at NM! I absolutely :heart:LOVE:heart: this bag!! The only problem with it is that I want the other PITC bags now too. The leather is much softer than I expected and the small flap holds everything I need it to- my big wallet, my cell phone, keys and a small camera. I know the point of the cabas was to keep me from buying more bags, but I might have to make an exception for another PITC! I didn't see a small one in the ref. library so I'll be sure to post modeling pics there too.
    Chanels 190.jpg Chanels 191.jpg Chanels 193.jpg Chanels 196.jpg
  3. both are incredibly gorgeous! congrats!
  4. Congratulations!!! You are so lucky to make a decision and then the bag pops up on eBay so quickly - lucky lucky .. :woohoo:
    You look great and I love the cabas!

    Hee! Hee! I have the same problem, keep thinking that buying a particular Chanel bag will be my last.....but when that comes, I continue lusting after another!
  5. I know- it's a vicious cycle!
  6. wow, very nice ... so gorgoeus! congrats!
  7. congratulations!!
  8. Hey Echo~! you look gorgeous with both!!! cOngrats on getting your HG... both look FAB!
  9. This is stunning! I like it so much more that I thought I would and that pocket is great! This may be my next purchase instead of the cloudy hobo!:rolleyes: Congrats to you and that darling baby!:love:
  10. wow!love THEM BOTH!
  11. [​IMG]




    Gorgeous bags....great purchases:tup:

    U look great on them...i love ur brown cabas:drool::drool:
  12. Wow "echo" they are gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. Thanks so much :flowers: I'm realy glad I went ahead and bought both of them. A little stretch of the budget, but well worth it to me.

    Camelotlady- The cloudy bundle is gorgeous! I don't think you can go wrong either way. I love the soft slouchiness of the cb hobo but needed something in caviar.
    I think I'll use the fron pocket for my ID, credit card and some cash so it's all easy access when I go out or go shopping. It's funny because the pocket is actually a little padded...not sure why!
  14. Thanks Celia! And thanks, as always, for making the pics bigger:flowers:. I think some of your luck finding HGs is rubbing off on us...or at least inspiring us to buy our HGs not matter what and never look back!
  15. congrats!They are so gorgeous and look great on u:smile: