My HG Bag Reveal! but help! there's an issue...

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I've been waiting for this bag for so long and finally my SA let me know there was one available for me! I was pretty excited and didn't expect it to have any issues since it's Hermes. When I went in to pick up the bag I minimally inspected the bag and it was perfect :smile: I've been waiting to do an official reveal with box and all but this one thing kind of bothers me. I need your help, has anything like this happen and if so what can be done? I don't want to return it and wait (who knows how long) for another bag nor do I want to send it off for repairs on a brand new bag that I've waited so long to have. So please keep reading and tell me some good news please! ...and Thank You!!

    Here's a sneak peek at her:
  2. Haha, love that giant Birkin shadow against your wall :biggrin:.
    Can't wait to see your new bag and I hope the problem with it can be solved easily.
  3. What's the matter? Is it because it is gigantic?? Lol. Pls show us!!
  4. It's been an hour since your post, perhaps you can share the issue with your bag?
  5. Hi yes I'm so sorry! I had no Internet for a while! I didn't not intentionally do this... Yes she is a Birkin and here she is! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394479297.872599.jpg
  6. Can't see the pic.
  7. Ok so here we go.. commonly I would probably not make a big deal about this but as we all know this is not an inexpensive bag. It's a lot of money, particularly to me.

    The smaller problem: the top of the gold Hermes stamp is kind of faded (or not stamped all the way?) a little? Is this normal? Perhaps the leather texture has to do with it? Am I being too particular? It is a brand new bag straight from H Boutique...

    The bigger problem is the 4 screws (is there a better word for this?) on the main hardware piece (as pictured), the bottom left one kind of scrapes against skin or in this case a scarf. It's not that noticeable but it is rougher to feel and will snag a delicate object such as a scarf or twilly. I'm sure this isn't normal but what can they do? I DO NOT want to send it back for 5 months for repairs or have to wait for another bag :sad: any suggestions??
  8. Beautiful classic combo!!!
    I know you wouldn't want to part with it for months but I would want to repair that. For that kind of money, the bag should not cause you a moment of concern.

    Good luck with your resolution.
  9. Here's a better picture of the two issues:

    Thanks in Advance!
  10. That first photo is the best pre-reveal tease photo I've ever seen. How clever!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the stamping issue, but that's probably a personal choice. I'm not sure what to do about the screw, though, since I can see how it would worry you if it snagged things, etc. I doubt anything can be done about it without sending it back to H, but maybe some more experienced H-lovers have a better answer?

    In any case: congratulations on your bag, and I hope this hasn't soured your HG experience too much! :heart:
  11. If its really bothering you
    I guess the only way is to send it back for servicing while its still new no choice even if u have to part
  12. +1 :d:d:d:d:d
  13. Beautiful. Not sure if anything can be done besides sending it back for repair.
  14. #14 Mar 10, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2014
    hi again and thanks for the replies
    I understand it's something that has to be sent off but I've heard that some repairs can be done in the store, some could be repaired in New York for a few weeks or some have to Be shipped off to Paris for months at a time. Just curious if anyone had the same issue happen to them. I think it's just a matter or smoothing out the hardware but not sure how simple to resolve.. I don't mind sending it off for a few weeks or even a month later when I've gotten a chance to get over the new bag syndrome but just not a fan of her going for months!

    As for the shadow of Ms.B , it was an accident! DH was using his flashlight on the iPhone as we were discussing/debating the issues (I was really sad) on the hardware and stamping, he saw the shadow of the B and lighten up the mood a little by saying "hey look- a Giant B!!" So I had to take a pict of it ;)
  15. If you live near a boutique with a leather attelier (ie., BH or MA), they can probably touch up the stamp for you on the spot. I know they have the little embossing stamps in their bag of ticks as I think it is not uncommon for the paint to flake off. It should be an easy repair and I certainly would not give up this bag for that reason because it will vanish if you return it and you will not be called for another for a long time.

    Love the scary looming shadow tease- a haunted house with a giant birkin!