My HG arrived- RT Day!! Come celebrate with me! :)

  1. The past few weeks I'd been bummed over 2 missed RT bags. :crybaby:I figured I'd be waiting a while before another one popped up. Then suddenly, there she was!! Ms. RT Day just waiting to be loved by moi! :graucho: She arrived yesterday and it was definitely love at first sight! :love: The color is so deep and rich and RED. Leather is soft and silky. Thanks to a wonderful and lovely "lady" tpfer!! ;)
    IMG_1580.JPG IMG_1581.JPG IMG_1595b.jpg IMG_1561b.jpg IMG_1599b.jpg
  2. Gorgeous color-you look great together!!
  3. Congrats!! Beautiful Bag!
  4. YAYAYAYAY! Gorgeous :love: :love: That's soft leather right there ;)
  5. I love that bag! Congrats!
  6. Wooo Hooo i just got an RT Day a few weeks back they have the most beautiful leather! enjoy x
  7. Don't you love the Day?:love: it looks great on you.:tup: Congrats.:yahoo:
  8. WOW!!! :nuts: Where/how in the world did you get her?!! SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart:
  9. thank you thank you ladies for your lovely compliments! Ms. RT is blushing, although I guess you can't tell because she's already gorgeous RED! :p
  10. What a fabulous bag! It's beautiful! Congratulations.
  11. I found her by stalking eBay :ninja:, Jira. After missing out on 2 others, I realized I had to act fast! :yes:
  12. Fabulous! I want a Day sooo bad.
  13. ^^ nosnow, I highly recommend the day!! I find it's such an easy bag to use for day to day, and I find it the most comfy to use of all the styles. Plus, the more I use the day, the more I fall in lovewith that slouchiness. Yumm!
  14. Uhhh yahhh!!!

    That is one wicked looking bag!!

    Congrat Sunny for scoring such a beautiful bag!! :nuts:
  15. I :heart: it! Congrats on scoring your HG. I have one of these and it's one of my favorites :love: