My Hermes

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  1. I understand that people are having a problem w/ my Birkin! so I have all the information here with better pics hoping that this will satisfy you, as to rather my bag is fake or not ( It is Not.)

    Jpg: bleu jean
    Clemence leather
    silver palladium hardwear
    Stamped 107 A box in I
    Handels wrapped in Hermes ribbon (by me)
    08 fall Twilly
    Jackie Kennedy "Berries Brooch"
    Bought in San francisco Union square Hermes.

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  2. Please let me know if I can provide you w/ anymore information of the purchase of my bag!

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    I'm sorry I don't like spending hours in a museum w/ heels on, so I wear my Crocs. I't a choice like fashion is and as you see they go nicely w/ my Chanel cardigan jacket, chanel pearls and Ralph Lauren jeans w/ Chanel belt. I like my style and would not change it to Suit others expectations!

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    i dont think starting a new thread is the best way to address concerns... via pm or in the thread in question.

    as an aside i find the ladies and gents here to be EXTREMELY nice and i dont people ever "have a problem with bags" if people express concern it is out of worry and a good place not out of spite. that ladies and gents here are generally helpful and will answer any questions you have.

    if you need the bag to be authenticated post it in the "authenticate this hermes bag" thread. if you are addressing concerns that came up in a particular thread, that thread is the best place to post.
  5. They had my post taken down because they did not believe my bag was real becasue I had on Crocs. There is nothing up to respond too now, so I hope this will help concerns of parties involved.

    I think the people on this site are Generally VERY helpful to me and KIND they know there stuff I am not saying that!
  6. I've been on this forum for 2 1/2 years, and I've NEVER seen a post removed due to the wearing of Crocs! We've often had reveals where the member was VERY casually dressed.
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    I'm sorry - there are several things about this bag that make me believe it is not authentic. And they have nothing to do with your foot wear.
  8. i think that is something really to talk to mods and admis about.

    personally, seeing your bag, i dont think it was the crocs that made them question your bag.

    i know a lot about leather in general and i know that hermes uses only the high quality hides and the highest quality dueing process. you can get a summary of leather here:

    the bag pictured uses a very low quality dyeing process, if this bag was purchased at a boutique, i would take it back and request an exchange. for the amount that these bags cost the hides should be perfect, this is a very poor hide.

    if you did not buy it at a store i would request a refund from whoever you bought it from.
  9. :confused1:
    All authenticity questions really need to be in our AT thread.
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