my Hermes Valentine ~ first H bag, and in Rouge H!

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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    It's a Garden Party! An under-the-radar, low-key H bag for sure, but one that I think I'll use a lot as an everyday tote. Ordered it from

    Here are a few quick pics, because I'm getting ready for the big East Coast blizzard. :nuts:

    Specs: Rouge H Garden Party in negonda leather with chevron canvas lining, silver and palladium Clou de Selle snap closure, 14" x 10.25" x 6.5"



    Rouge H Hermes Garden Party.JPG Rouge H Hermes Garden Party2.JPG Rouge H Hermes Garden Party3.JPG
  2. Congrats!! That's a lovely H Valentine!!!
  3. Gorgeous GP...enjoy to the fullest!!!
  4. Happy Valentine's Day. Congrats on your first H bag. Great bag and a lovely color. Enjoy!!
  5. She is very beautiful! Love GP and love this colour too! Congrats!! :love:
  6. Very the stitching. Hope you both stay warm during the blizzard.
  7. Congratulation, Cosmo. Happy "orange" Valentine. What a gorgeous first H bag, you couldn't have picked a better choice! :love:

  8. Congrats!!! I LOVE it!!! Great color and the stitching is gorgeous!
  9. Oh's love at first sight for me also. I think I may need another bag.

    Congrats on a fabulous first H bag! The colour is superb
  10. Thanks everybody! :ty:
  11. just gorgy with the contrast stitching!! congrats!!
  12. congrats on your new red GP for V day~
    my first H bag is also a GP, wishing you more H bags to come :party:
  13. The red is actually a bit darker IRL but hard to capture in pics. I've been looking for the perfect dark red bag for so long and this is it. LOVE Rouge H! :love:
  14. Fabulous GP!!! She's soooo beautiful~ What a perfect Valentine!! Congrats~
  15. Lovely, congrats!!