My Hermes Siesta China Table!

  1. I am having my FIRST dinner tomorrow night yay! finally!

    So here is my table set up with my new serving pieces!

    I still need nicer crystal....for my drinkware and my vases, etc but I have not decided on it.

    but on the dinner for tomorrow...

    Baguette and Brie

    Butter Lettuce Salad with Greek Feta and Pear vinaigrette from Napa
    Dry aged New York strip steaks
    Sugar Grilled Asparagus
    Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

    and for dessert....Pear Tart

    For drinks: Champagne to start and red wine from my California trip

    so I am excited and I will be busy busy tomorrow!
    table1.jpg table2.jpg table3.jpg
  2. Just stunning- I love the table, and the menu is VERY enticing too!!!

    What is the special occasion??
  3. Thanks Megs! want to come?

    I just wanted to do something fun. I haven't had a nice dinner at my house in awhile.

    in laws are coming over so I will have to drink alot but it will be fun! yay for new China! YAY!
  4. Lovely Guc - and pretty floral centrepiece too :tup:
  5. thanks. I was a little worried about the flowers. I grabbed stuff at the store and got home to put it together and wasn't sure about it. thanks! making me feel better
  6. Hmmmm, makes me want to crash your party..........:p
  7. shoot HG, would rather have you any day and time than my in laws. it would actually be fun and pleasant then.

    my MIL is actually okay once she drinks...and I got lots of her fav. :smile:
  8. That's so nice. Have fun at dinner tomorrow with your beautiful Hermes China. I'm sending flowers for you. :flowers::flowers::flowers:

  9. What a wonderful menu!
    I bet they love having you as a DIL.
    I bet is was so luxurious having wonderful china with amazing food.
    I like your centerpiece as well!
  10. [​IMG]

    It doesn't matter what you serve... the china will steal the show anyway... Love everything. Have fun with your in-laws...
  11. Lovely GG! I remember my first dinner party. Was sooo nervous as the other couple were major foodies. I always laugh about my little mistake with the dessert. I made choc mousse and the recipe called for "strong coffee" and is thought it meant coffee grounds when it really meant brewed strong coffee. Ha Ha ! It was a crunchy mousse and actually tasted pretty good. LOL!
  12. I will sit in the corner.. I just want some of the food and to watch people eat off the beautiful china!!!!!!

  13. With your new baby in your lap, I don't think you will be sitting in the corner for very long:p
  14. WOW!!!! I love dinner parties when the good china comes out to play! Enjoy your evening!!!! That menu is making me hungry just reading it!!!!
  15. Very pretty, mouth is watering now from your menu!
    Let's see tomorrow night is Friday...that means pizza at the Rocker house...on plastic dishes from Target!
    OK, who wants to go to GGs and who to RCs?