My Hermes NYC experience :(

  1. My sister is here visiting from Germany for my mom's bday next week so we decided to do a lil shopping today. I suggested we go to Hermes on Madison because some of you know I'm trying to get a Birkin in Blue Jean or my coveted Vibrato @ or very near retail. I'm actually not even picky @ this point because I'm like #5,768 on the waiting list :cry:

    Well anyways we go in the store and an SA literally slams the door in my face even though I was right behind her. I should've left @ that point but it got worse...

    So I know not to ask for a Birkin so I decided to look @ some wallets and twillies. There was a gorgeous Black Birkin, I think 25cm, with Palladium hardware sitting on the shelf mocking me :shame: I pretty much knew it was spoken for but I decided to ask anyway

    That same rude SA straight up told me that I should have a look at their lower priced bags. WTH!!!!!!! What is that supposed to mean? I wanted to wrap her lil ponytail around her neck :mad:

    moral of the story is I'm going to write a letter to the store manager because I thought that was really harsh and I was insulted:rant:.

    How would you ladies handle this?
  2. I'm sorry you were treated so poorly. I had a wonderful SA when I visited last.

    I would write a letter - do you know the SA's name? I actually might have told her that I would like to find someone more helpful and walk away from her.
  3. I would have said, "If you are not able to help me, perhaps your boutique director will?" with a nice, sweet smile!:smile:

    But, after the fact, you can write the letter or go back to the boutique and ask to speak to the director of the boutique!:yes: :flowers:

    Sorry you had such an unpleasant experience.:heart:
  4. wow..another SA nightmare! :rant: So sorry you had to experience that!
    Yes! Write the letter to them. The SA does owe you an apology!
  5. Eeewwww, sorry you had that experience. They're usually much better than that. That Birkin is, I believe, the 30cm fjord marron fonce that I saw yesterday. I can't believe it's still there. Nevertheless, if it's sitting on the shelf like that, it's fair game for anyone and she should have shown it to you.
  6. i agree w/ hermesgroupie. anything on the floor is usually not spoken for. i'm sorry you had such a bad experience, though. definitely either write a letter or talk to the store manager. good luck!
  7. :censor:...I would hate to even have to think about how to react to that!!
    Uughh...sounds Horrible..I've only stepped into Hermes once and was too scared to even go through the whole store...

    Goodluck writing your letter...:smile:
  8. I can't believe that - the whole boutique thing is getting out of hand when the SA thinks this is acceptable customer service.
  9. Why waste time writing to the store manager? STORE MANAGERS ARE SO SLOW!!!

    You should have grabbed the birkin from the shelf and put it onto the counter and flash your credit card PROUDLY!!!!!! Once everything is wrapped nicely, walk and push your way in front of the HORRIBLE SA and say loudly, "Wow, your diamond is so cheap. Can you afford a birkin? Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That makes the SA ashamed right at that instant.

    HATEEEEEEEEEEEE RUDE SA. :mad: :censor:
  10. What a horrible, horrible SA. I would have personally told straight to her face that I would like another SA since she was so unfriendly and ask for the store manager.

    You should write a letter and maybe even deliver it personally again to the store and ask to see the manager.
  11. Hello,

    I usually post in the Chloe and Balenciaga threads as that is what I own most of..

    I am looking forward to purchasing my first hermes in 2022..when I turn 50 (I am 34) becuase I will only ever get one hermes in my life and I would like it to have an "A" because its the monogram of my first name...(it probably sounds a little silly I suppose..)

    I spent many years in high end shoe retailing and I couldnt ever imagine treating a customer this do you girls stand it!!! How rude of that SA to assume you couldnt afford it..!!

    I remember my first year in the shoe store when a lady walked in in rough jeans and a tatty t-shirt and flip flops..she was instantly ignored by many other SA's..

    I felt so sad for her and went over to her and gave her my best and full attention..

    an hour later my client walked out of the store with 24 pairs of shoes!!! a total purchase price of almost $6800 (AUS)

    She and her husband had come into the city to spend their yearly wool cheque..she opened her wallet and it was full to the brim with $100 notes and she paid cash!!

    needless to say she was extremely happy and so thrilled that I treated her with respect that she came back later that day with a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates and a lovely gold shoe charm..she noticed I wore a charm bracelet and decided to buy me a symbolic gift..

    I cried at her generosity...

    anyway enough of my rambling...

    Its nice to hear of all your good dealings with hermes....even though there are the odd bad apples..

  12. I would have told her off straight in her face & asked to see the Store Manager. What a horrible b****! :censor:

    harlem_cutie, you should definitely write a letter to feedback on this SA's horrible attitude.
  13. harlem_cutie, definitely write to the store manager. I would have probably made a scene right there and then. I've only ever had a wonderful experience at Hermes, despite turning up at the store in jeans and ratty trainers.

    On the other hand, I got a terrible experience at the Dior store where the SAs were rude when I asked about the cleaning of vintage Dior canvas.
  14. I would have said, " Honey, I can afford 4 of everything you've got in this store and unfortunately for you, none of them will go toward YOUR comission!!"

    I hate girls like that. Theres just no reason to be rude and snobby to a customer. Hey, they are waiting on YOU, not the other way around!!
  15. i read your post several times, harlem cutie, sorry you were made to feel bad about yourself.
    Honey, you most definately deserve to be "picky". I hope you feel that you are important. It is a good feeling that usurps alot...believe me, I have had many life lessons!!!