My Hermes handbag and er, not high end lifestyle

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  1. This was almost covered in another thread but not directly. I know you guys will help:biggrin:

    Here are the facts: oh I am soo long winded

    I am obsessing over Hermes and would love to own a Birkin.
    I think it would cap off my collection and I want it for the usual reasons mere mortals want them.

    The thing I don't have is the Hermes lifestyle to go with the bag. I live in a very nice area but have yet to see anyone carry an "it" bag. Those I only see in the airport. It's LV and much Coach here. I dress in basics.

    I started getting manicures when I got my Paddy and paid more attention to my shoes :biggrin:

    It occurs to me that I might look foolish walking into, say, the Nature's Grocery and then GNC Nutrition. Off we go to Target and a quick stop at the mall...

    ...not that I'm so hung up on what people think. Thankfully putting some mileage on helped with that pesky issue. Still, I don't bring my designer bags to certain family gatherings to avoid any conversation about them.

    ...I'm not spending my days in places where this bag would be a given. I live in an absolute vacuum with friends that are clueless that they are sitting next to a Paddy, Gucci or Chanel or it just isn't their thing. But it's mine. I'm a Leo. What can I say? :shame: :lol:

    I'm not getting any younger. I think the time to do this would be while I still hopefully have decades to enjoy it. I love the Evelyne too's not a Birkin. Rather than pass it on I would probably sell it at some point in the future. In this way it would sort of be an investment. Sort of kind of. Okay- I'm rationalizing again. I am thinking of purchasing a pre-owned from bona fide authentic seller IF I buy. I won't do the waiting list thing. I understand the thrill of that retail ritual but it most likely will not be part of the experience.

    Ok, what say you? Birkins fly in coach? :blink:
  2. Why not?
  3. Very profound response, lol!
  4. Look, some save up for a Porsche, because it's their fantasy, their dream to own one. Including me, I'm a sucker for Porsche.

    I'd say go for it, it'll be your baby forever.
  5. i carred my hologram spy bag wearing old navy pants. LOL. i don't wear any make up and sometimes i don't even bother brushing my hair when i leave the house. hope this helps! i really can't be bothered what people think of me too much. do what YOU want and as long as you're happy with yourself.
  6. My husband may have a lovingly used Porsche 911 to sell you, Vlad.
  7. Thanks for the offer. But I only dig the newest gen 911... specifically the new Turbo. If everything works out well, I'll buy one next year. They run for roughly $130k...
  8. They're definitely sweet, but we probably won't be getting a turbo. I don't like him driving too fast and he insists on driving in the snow, so it'll be another C4 for him.
  9. I don't live a high end lifestyle. I don't usually buy brand name clothes, except for jeans! I don't have the means to buy a hermes, but to me my LV items are luxurious. I don't see a problem with not living a high end lifestyle and still having the luxury bags at all. Honestly, that's where we choose to put our money. I'd rather buy less expensive clothing, fly coach and get good deals on groceries to save up for my dream bag! The bag will last so much longer and is a staple in any wardrobe. I think wearing high end items and living the high end lifestyle with a pleather purse (which I see a lot) is way worse.

    Go for the Hermes if you feel it's right for you! Who CARES what other people think, it'll be your baby forever :love:
  10. that's a lot of handbags / Hey vlad, I ride a klein which is my training bike and i have a nicer one that is my race bike but unfortunately my racing days are over but it was an awesome ride while it was happening. who needs a porche when you have your bike. we have some great rides out here in washington that you would enjoy if you ever make it out to the west coast.
  11. Exactly!! You only live once! :biggrin:
  12. Oh heck yeah, I might just take you up on that. Klein... hmm that brings back memories. I used to salivate over the Klein Attitude back in 94ish when they had the oversize steering tube and came in the crazy green-yellow fading color. Those were BEASTS! Got some pics?
  13. I was wrong, 1992 it was.


    Sorry to be going off topic, kitskats. ;)
  14. We all have our "thing"...if you can afford an Hermes and feel that it will be the crowing glory of your collection I say go for it.

    Also, no need to justify bag purchases to a forum full of bag-lovers. :P
  15. I dont think you necessarily NEED the lifestyle, if it makes you happy go for it ;) Then POST PICS!