My Hermes experience today!

  1. I was itching for a new wallet and today I popped by the Hermes shop here in my town in search of an orange-colored wallet. Well, they didn't have one. Instead I fell in love with purple wallet in goat skin leather. The leather is incredibly amazing and super soft. I figured, since I'm going to be handling it a lot, a darker color would be better.

    They also had a 32 cm orange Kelly with gold hardware if anyone is interested. The leather they said is a new one, I forgot the name, and it's super soft.

    I also asked about the waiting list for the Birkin and they said it is closed. However, after chatting for a while with the SA and I bought the wallet and a scarf ring, she took out the waitlist book and we started to talk about what Birkin I would like.

    So, I just ordered a 30cm Birkin in gold togo, clemence, or chevre (whichever comes first) with silver palladium hardware. At first I wanted the portiron, but for that she said I need to come back in June because in July, the manager in Switzerland will go to Paris and place all the special orders.

    Hopefully, I get my gold birkin soon. I'm so excited. :nuts:

    Here are pics of the wallet:

  2. Wow :love: It's beautiful!
  3. I wish I could have that Orange kelly....
  4. The orange color was really gorgeous!
  5. Gorgeous wallet! Congratulations on your special order, I hope you get it fast. :smile:
  6. Cool :nuts: The wallet is lovely, nice color :love:
  7. Thanks guys!

    I also hope I get the bag fast. It was really funny how the supposedly closed waitlist all of a sudden became open. I guess you just really have to chat with the SAs for a while and show you're interest.

    She even started to help fix the scarf I was wearing and show the different ways to tie it with the scarf ring. I particularly wore my Hermes scarf so that they'll be nice to me :lol:
  8. Such a lovely wallet. Oooh I hope you get that Birkin soon too! Congrats!
  9. Congrats! The wallet is beautiful. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your Birkin.
  10. Gorgeous wallet, and I can't wait to see your Birkin !
  11. La Vanguardia,

    gut zu wissen!! habe in zürich auch eine bestellt :smile:

    Thank you soooooo much
  12. very beautiful wallet indeed~:love: ~~ congrats~~~:idea:
  13. What a lovely day! Gorgeous wallet and good luck on your Birkin!
  14. Congrats! I wonder if thats what my SA wanted my # for lol, I suppose I'll find out today. Your future birkin sounds awesome! :biggrin:
  15. Grüzi! Kein Problem! Did you order the wallet or the bag? :biggrin: