My Hermès experience in London

  1. Just got back from a weekend trip in London and, of course, I visited Hermès. I carried my 27cm royal blue ostrich Bolide and even though it was pissing rain 90% of the time, the bag held quite well. I'm really amazed now with ostrich leather because not a single tiny mark of a raindrop. The shoulder strap on the Bolide also proved very practical after all the London shopping.

    Anyway, I went to the H shops in Sloane Street and Harrods.

    I was quite disappointed though with the service at Sloane Street. I think the least they can do is say "hi" and "bye".

    There were no Birkins on the shelves. There were lots of white and red bags. It was also the first time I've seen a 25cm souple Kelly in real life. It was a black togo with gold hardware.

    I also asked about the violine color but they didn't have any and the SA couldn't give me a clear answer on the color... so, it's still a mystery.

    I also fell in love with a small watch (not H) with a shape that looked like the new "Farandole" style. It was white gold with mother-of-pearl face and fuchsia croc straps. So cute!!!

    I bought a pochette as a birthday present for my friend to put on her new 35cm white clemence Birkin. When we left, the SA didn't even say goodbye.

    The people at Harrods though were much more friendlier. There were also no Birkins on the shelves but the there was a 25cm raisin souple togo Kelly with palladium hardware. I also found a cute Kelly Cadena sterling silver keychain that I could hang on my Bolide. But the SA couldn't open it so I didn't get it.

    All in all, no personal H purchases for me except for the pochette for my friend. But my overall London shopping experience was still fun. Bought some clothes, a Dior jacket, and 4 pairs of shoes (2 from Jimmy Choo, 1 Christian Louboutin pumps, and a Dior ballerina).

  2. I adore London and shopping there, there is so much of everything and for all tastes. I hope to go this summer. I usually stay at the Millenium Knightsbridge Hotel which is practically opposite the H store in Sloane St...I bought my gold courchevel Kelly in that store 15 yrs ago, when you could still walk into the store (or any other H store) and find Kellys and Birkins on the shelves...Actually, I can remember in the mid eighties, soon after the Birkin came out, that I was offered one at the store here in Rome, and I declined it 'cause it didn't have a sholder strap...!!!:noggin:I would really knock myself over the head now...!!:blink:
  3. LaVan I live through you!!!!

    Thank you for sharing it all with us.

    Glad you stocked up on some shoes to work with all your bags!!!
  4. Glad to hear you had a fun trip La Van!! :biggrin: Besides the poor service you got at the Sloane Street store. I know what you mean though -- they tend to be rude and unfriendly in comparison to other stores.
  5. I bought the navy blue suede pointie mid-heel Jimmy Choos to match my royal blue Bolide. They looked so cute together. However, I can only wear the shoes when it's not raining as it is suede.

    The others shoes though, I bought them because they were so cute. But now that you mention it, they'll fit perfectly with my bags.

    The white Dior ballerinas with my fuchsia Kelly.

    The black Jimmy Choo mid-heel sandals with my Paris-Bombay.

    The tan Christian Loubotin wooden pumps with any!
  6. Thanks for sharing, La Vanguardia. I cannot believe they are so rude when the SA in Brussels walked me to the door and stayed there for 5 minutes for a chat on leather variations. I guess they consider they have to have the ":noworry:attitude". Whatever...

    I find shopping in London an exhausting experience. The city is so big! I find Paris a lot easier to "navigate". And then there's Barcelona, ah... Barcelona!
  7. In Sloane, when I tried on the 25cm Kelly, another SA was looking at me and at least she had a smile on her face. But the others were like statues. When you ask to see something it seems like they are in a bad mood or something.

    I actually saw a messenger bag that might look good for DH ... yes, European men (Swiss and Germans, at least) love messenger bags ... but since I was disappointed with the service, I thought that I'll just order the bag at my local H shop.

    In Harrods, all SAs at H were really friendly.

    Too bad we ran out of time to shop as we were heading to Nobu for dinner. Otherwise, I could have passed by the H shop at Bond Street also.
  8. I wouldn't exactly say the SAs were rude but it could help a lot if they simply smile and say "hi" and "bye". I'm not someone who seeks SAs following me, I actually hate that, but I like a positive ambience at the stores that I go.

    I also went to Chanel in Sloane St., and there I found also different attitudes with SAs. At the clothing section, the SAs were nice. When I tried on some sunglasses, I didn't like the attitude of the SA. I really liked the sunglasses but I didn't get it from her. Instead, I went to the Chanel boutique at Selfridges to look for the sunglasses. Luckily, the SA there was really friendly and helped me out a lot so I bought the sunglasses from her.
  9. Nice report LaVan! Interesting again to note the service factor - I'm glad you at least found some good shoes!!! And other items...they sound great...and you are one good friend to buy a nice H gift for your friend! Sounds like a nice trip...
  10. I was positively surprised with the size of 25cm souple. It looked quite spacious as I thought originally it would really be tiny! I guess the rigide will be tinier inside.

    The raisin 25cm souple Kelly at Harrods was gorgeous! I was really tempted.

    But I put some sense into my brain and thought, "First, let's see how the violine Birkin will look like!"
  11. I hope your tomorrow proves to be the lucky Tuesday!!!
  12. Oh! La Van! You were next door to me! Should have come around for tea!

    Hermes on Sloane St sucks. But generally the Harrods staff is ok. It's important to point out that that the staff is not permenant and on constant rotation. Thats why theyre not always knowledgable. People are usually scared of Harrods staff, but I find them friendly and alright...most of the time. I nearly strangled someoe in Gucci once though. Wouldnt brng down bags for me to look at unless I was buying! Cow!

    Glad you enjoyed it here!
  13. ooh!!!!!!!! Wouldn't that be great!

    Although it doesn't really depend on Tuesdays now because it is already in Switzerland. It now depends when customs will clear it! Gosh, it's really taking them long!

    Can you imagine how many Tuesdays we've waited for this bag?!
  14. Dang I missed meeting you! That's really strange with the SA at Gucci that you mentioned.

    That's good to know about the rotation of the SAs. That explains it. I was looking at a Picotin and I was sure it was an MM because I've seen this size before at my shop. The SA kept saying it was PM. Then, when we went to Harrods there was a PM and obviously it was smaller than the one in Sloane.

    Oh yeah, I found the sweetest SA both at the Christian Louboutin store and Harvey Nichols (Jimmy Choo section). They took out every possible shoe in my size without complaining! Well, it wasn't so much since I have tiny feet and most shoes for my size have gone already.
  15. LaVan!! I'm in London too!!! Yes, the time I went to the H stores, I found that some of the SAs rotate from store to store. Most of them have very subdued attitudes, as per my post on my Sloane St. visit. After I spent so much time talking to her, she was still really quiet. But I found another SA to be quite talkative - of course they were fighting at the time so I don't know. Haha.