My Hermes cashmere and silk shawl

  1. Hi everyone!
    I've been delayed in posting about my recent Hermes purchases..

    Some of you might remember my very bad first experience at the Bellagio Hermes, but my second and third visit was so fab that it compensated for everything. At the time I visited the manager was in Paris ordering for fall/winter so the store was kind of empty...

    Here are pictures of my new Hermes cashmere silk shawl. It's nothing like I've owned before. It's feather light but soooo warm. Perfect to throw over everything from pants suit to shimmery dress. I had always wanted a shawl I could wear over yellow, orange, gold, brown, blue and black... and finally found one.

    At first I thought shawls were for the "older" women but I loooooove what I can do with it. It it so versatile.

    I'm not sure which season it's from but I found the same pattern online in different colors (they didn't have my color) Hermes Shawl

    Hope you enjoy the pictures!!
    shawl1.JPG shawl2.JPG shawl3.JPG shawl4.jpg shawl5.jpg shawl6.JPG shawl7.jpg shawl8.JPG shawl9.jpg shawl10.jpg
  2. It's beautiful, Joanna!!!!! Stunning and suits you perfectly! I love the colors!!!!! Congratulations and wear it well!!!!!!!
  3. GORGEOUS Joanna!!! I LOVE the blue on you!!!
  4. That's beautiful and so is your dress! Congratulations.

    You're right, the shawls are absolutely wonderful. Soft and warm and everything you could want. Perfect as a shawl over a coat but also for cool evenings.
  5. Joanna,

    First you must look exactly like the girl in your avatar!

    Love your shawl -- it's a very pretty blue.

    I also bought a shawl the other day -- it's a much more neutral color. I have some regrets that I didn't buy it in a more a vibrant color....
  6. Beautiful. Congrats.
  7. Congrats!!!

    I love Hermès shawls ... they're just so bloody expensive lol! :Push:

    I was like you and I initially thought they're more for elderly people, but I love them now and I'm not even elderly yet.

    I also like the mousseline shawls as they are so lightweight and perfect for summer evenings ... or in our air-conditioned offices! :lol:
  8. Lovely.
  9. Hello Kelly twin.
    You know we probably think alike.
    I just purchased a scarf just today and was actually trying on the same shawl in the store and almost bought it.
  10. My jaw is so beautiful!

    Oh, you are so lucky you have a twin out there...and you both think alike as well!!! Too sweet.
  11. looks amazing on you!
  12. Joanna - the shawl in the colourway you chose is exquisite! I have seen the pattern on the H website, but wasn't all that blown away by the CW available for sale on the site. Did you purchase it at an H boutique? I must look for it when I am in this week.
    I wear lots of black, cream and gray and have blue eyes, so this would be PERFECT. And, although I am not "elderly", I have been wearing pashminas for years -- they are the best alternative to a sweater, dress up a pedestrian black suit, and sure take the chill off an over-air-conditioned office!!

    Wear it in good health - this won't be the last one you buy! :heart:

    Edit: Doh! Just noticed in your original post that you'd said you got it at the Bellagio's a rainy, muggy, Monday!
  13. Joanna, you have exquisite taste! I really love your new shawl (and dress, for that matter). You really know how to work it! You've given me new ideas on how to wear mine. Sometimes I feel frumpy but when worn in certain ways, it is very youthful and chic! Congratulations!
  14. What a pretty shawl. Those colors look great on you. I really love your dress too.
  15. Very beautiful!! Congrats and you wear it well!!