My Hermes Beverly Hills trip!

  1. I know...I said I was going to SCP, but my nieces and I ended up going to Rodeo instead:biggrin: First off I needed a wallet, so we headed to Ferragamo, Fendi, LV, Tods and I found the cutest tri-fold wallet at Fendi! while there my niece decided to also get the small white borsa bag (with perforated leather) and a Fendi watch.

    Then we headed to Hermes and they were a little busy. An SA headed down the stairs and asked me right away if I needed help. I told her I would like to take a look at the twillys. I think she was the store manager because she told another SA to help me out. The other SA was waiting on a gentleman who was on his cellphone, so she ditched him and came over to help me, LOL. They had the Bolduc designs and other cute ones, then I asked if she had the Un Jardin sur le Nil twilly. Well, instead, they had the set of the eau de toilette, body lotion, and a smaller size eau de toilette and a pocket square. So she showed me how to tie the pocket square onto the handle of my Herbag and it was so cute! So I had to buy the set! :shame: About the straps on the Herbag, she thought it was fine that I had pulled the straps in. The SA's name was Camille and she was very helpful. I took a look around the store and there was a blue jean plume in epsom in the larger size, a brique Evelyne GM, several Sac a Depeche in various colors, and several Garden party bags. So overall, it was an enjoyable experience! I'll post pics the rest of the pics when I get home.
    IMG_1792.jpg IMG_1805.jpg IMG_1796.jpg IMG_1794 (2).jpg
  2. Glad you had a good time! I love the wallet!
  3. Nice haul!! What pocket square came with the set? Jardin? If so, I have the white Jardin twilly but didn't know it came in a pochette, too! :smile:
  4. I did have a good time, hehe. We almost cleaned out Fendi :lol:

    Sorry if the first batch of pics came out too big, lol. Here are the rest of the pics, including my niece's bag, and Greentea, this is the pochette that came with the set:
    hermespochette.jpg herbagpochette.jpg fendiborsawhite.jpg
  5. I love all your purchases. Congrats!
  6. I love the scarf!!
  7. Nice haul!! Sounds like one nice SA at least!!
  8. Just darling! Glad you had so much fun. The color is beauyiful.
  9. What Are The Measurements Of The Pocket Square?
  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE your fendi wallet..

    Your scarf just matches the theme of your new perfume!!! (of course they came in a set LOL)So crispy~ I wanna bite it!!

    I'm so glad someone had a marvelous Hermes experience during her trip~ :yes:
  11. SOO pretty!
  12. Very nice purchases! And glad you had a great experience there as well! I thought the SAs in Beverly Hills were super nice!
  13. Congrats! So glad you had a wonderful time! :biggrin: Did you happen to notice if they had any of the leather Garden Party bags?
  14. I'm glad you had an enjoyable time at Rodeo. Beautiful purchases!
  15. Great purchases!! The bag looks sooo cute with the scarf! Glad it has such a loving home-Enjoy!!