My Hermes bag

  1. Hey guys. This is my Hermes Birkin bag. Here is what I paired the bag with the other day.
    hermes.JPG hermes1.JPG hermes2.JPG hermes3.JPG hermes4.JPG
  2. Welcome Yasmin! I have almost the same bag! Don't you love the orange? Can you tell us what the size is and leather? The outfit must have looked great - it's fun coordinating your outfit to go with your bag...
  3. You mean Birkin, right?
  4. Why the hell did I write Kelly? Lol! I was looking at someone's thread and was like "I love your Hermes Kelly!" Then, I posted my new Chloe bag in the Balenciaga thread. LOL! I'm on a roll today! Anyway, why can't I edit my post?
  5. you can only edit the post within 10 minutes of posting, but your birkin looks great! :lol:
  6. Ooh, wow! Is that Poriton? LOVE,LOVE!
  7. Is it a 30 or 35?
  8. Looking goooooooooood :amuse:
  9. Beautiful bag and I love the background you shot the first two pics on.
  10. Great outfit; and I fixed your post. ;)
  11. LOVE your Birkin! Great outfit you put together. It really showcases your bag!
  12. Pretty bag, and great outfit! :nuts:
  13. congrats on the bag!!! i really like the colour!
  14. So tell us where and how you got your bag!
  15. Love It!