My heirlooms! photos don't do them justice

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  1. [​IMG]
    bags 003.jpg
  2. Wow! Gorgeous... that white Prada bag is TDF!
  3. Thanks Megs! I can't believe I worked so hard on this photo and no one is even looking at it. The Be&D crawford cruise and the Bruckner saddle are so not visible - It's not easy to line these up properly.
  4. Very fab collection. I like all the variety.
  5. it definitely shows how hard you worked at this photo. the picture is crystal clear. good job.

    btw that mulberry bag looks sooo yummy.
  6. They are all beautiful! I really love your Chanel and the brown studded one (Fiore?)! Gorgeous! Thanks for the picture!
  7. Love:love: your collection ... I see we share similar tastes - the roxanne and the IF audra!
  8. Love them all I'm so jealous (in a good way)
  9. great variety and beautiful bags. Loving the Chanel and Mini Mono LV
  10. Your collection is awesome. Love the Chanel and the BV(?) Thanks for sharing.
  11. Love the color of your Mulberry Roxanne.:smile:
  12. Nice collection! Great picture!
  13. I love them! What's the brown one at the upper right corner?
  14. WOW, I really :love: that black Chanel!:biggrin:
    Overall nice collection.:cool:
  15. Love them! All your pieces look so classic yet wearable!
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