My hearts/cases with new bags

  1. Still trying to decide which cosmetic cases(s) to keep, but love the chain and charms on the pomme heart...why could they not do that with the gold heart
    hearts and  cases 006.JPG hearts and  cases 008.JPG hearts and  cases 009.JPG
  2. Congrats! Nice haul you have there!
  3. I love everything that you got, that's just a lovely selection to be able to choose from.
    I'm now kicking myself for not getting the pomme cosmetics case too. I too wish that the gold and silver hearts had the special chains instead of the plain jane ones. Not that they aren't's just that the vernis hearts' chains are REALLY nice.
  4. That is the same way I'm wearing my heart (red) with my tivoli. I love it...
  5. Feel free to send the pomme cosmetic case over to me! :p

    I'd keep the pomme heart and gold cosmetic case...
  6. Oh I love everything you got! I really like the miroir on the damier, surprisingly.
  7. congrat gerat collection.
  8. Oh my gosh:nuts: what a treat for the eyes look at all those goodies!
  9. :drool: the pomme heart and gold cosmetics case are definitely keepers
  10. Thank you for all your kind remarks
  11. Great collection!!! Love everything!
  12. Congrats! They're all lovely!
  13. OMFG, that is just WOW, love the trevi & the tivoli!

    and you made out like a bandit w/all the new cases & :heart:'s!!
  14. beautiful collection! love the silver & gold accessories.
  15. Beautiful collection ... that Gold Mirror Heart is starting to grow on me! Congrats!