My heart stopping buys *beating the blues*

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  1. The Olsen bag in turquoise! She's so pretty IRL, I was on the fence on the size of the bag when I opened the box initially but it really grew on me. So in :heart: with the colour. Special thanks to a special TPFer who encouraged me to go for it!!! You know who you are :angel:



    Here's a modeling picture.


    And here's the tweed flap I got a week ago. I can't decide which one I love more. She's so pretty too!!! :love:

  2. I love the turquoise color, she's FABULOUS! I'm happy for u that u found her. Now we are olsen sistas....LOL

    U look great on her..btw, not forgettin ur tweed flap which i have the same one as well, we are again tweed sistas.....that shows we have similar taste for chanel bags.

    Great purchases, u score it!
  3. Hey there A!!! That was truly a heart-stopping moment wasn't it!!!! :woohoo:
    Love love both bags. You look fab as usual!!!!
  4. I'm in LOVE! Congtrats!
  5. She's gorg! I love the Olsen bag more than the tweed! Where is everyone getting these lovely bags?!!!

    Congrats! She looks great on you! :heart::nuts:
  6. ^ I want to know the same thing! The more I see the turquoise Olsen, the more I think I need to have it!

    Congratulations! Both bags are amazing.
  7. Celia_Hish: Thank you for your lovely comments, yes we do seem to have similar tastes! We're Olsen and Tweed Sisters!

    bagmad73: Hey there girlfriend, Thanks for the compliments. What can I say? I'm in love!! With two bags at the same time..LOL

    Biondina1003, alouette, FanAddict. Thank you! Stalk eBay everyday! I was lucky with this one!
  8. WOW!!! Amazing finds- both the Olsen and tweed (although I am more biased toward the Olsen!!) Aurora, please share your story on how you got the Olsen tote!!
  9. purseaddict** Thank you! I got it her from eBay, I was really lucky, she's in almost perfect condition less a few inevitable scratches due to the delicate lambskin.
  10. both are gorgeous bags!! you sure are a lucky woman
  11. congratulations Aurora! ~ your turquoise olsen is gorgeous! :love:
  12. She is absolutely Beautiful! Congrats dear!!! :p
  13. gorgeous bag!! i love the color.. it will be perfect for spring and it looks fabulous on you.. congrats!!
  14. Very gorgy scores, Aurora! The turquoise is soooooooooo TDF!

    Huge Congrats!
  15. love love love that Olsen!