My heart just sank......

  1. Earlier this week, I called and placed a backorder for the legacy stripe french wallet (with a CS rep that won't get my nomination for CS rep of the year). I checked the order status a couple days ago, and it said "expected delivery date 6/20/07." I just went back and checked again (just because), and it now says 7/19/07. It was going to be hard enough waiting the original 2 weeks, but another month on top of no PCE and now this......:crybaby:
  2. that sux. at least you know you're getting one tho. i kinda know how you feel (i backordered in march).
  3. oh no! i'm sorry to hear that! once you get it, all the wait will have been worthwhile though... think of it that way :smile:
  4. Oh man...what a pain. Hopefully time flies!
  5. Time will definitely fly and it will be worth the wait! I backordered the Legacy coin wristlet in April I think and got an email today that it's being shipped! I'm sure you will love it when it arrives.
  6. Ohhh, sorry about that!
  7. ugh mine is probably the same thing.. although I don't know where to check it.. I ordered it on the phone and never rec'd a conf e-mail... guess I have to call.
  8. How do you check the status?
    I backordered 2 of them a month ago.
    Haven't heard anything yet.
  9. probably same for me.
  10. REally???? I just ordered mine on Monday and they told me next week!!! LLPOFs

  11. I ordered mine over the phone too and she gave me an order number. On the website, under customer service there's a place you can check the order status by putting in the order number and your billing zip code.

  12. Wow...really? And what does "LLPOFs" mean?
  13. Don't feel bad. I ordered my Legacy Striped French purse back in April, I called yesterday to check on when I would be receiving it and they said within ten days.
    I have waited almost two months for this so try and be patient. You will get it eventually.
  14. Aww, how disappointing! Well, it'll come eventually, and by then you'll have forgotten even paying for it... and it'll seem like a new, free surprise! (Right?) I always try to look on the bright side...

  15. For backorder items, they charge you when they ship it. So it's still in the back of my mind when I spend on the card I used to pay for it.