My heart is broken... Chanel HQ says no caviar for S/S

  1. I almost was in tears when the Chanel 1-800 number informed me: there will be no Timeless Classic flaps in caviar in any colors for this season. Only the black and white. I have been dreaming for so long, and saved up my money to buy one... :crybaby: To be sure, I called again and confirmed today. :sad:

    All the beautiful yellow and navy will only be available in lambskin, which is lovely but I am a klutz and would surely scratch it.

    Does anyone know where I might locate a colored flap? My aunt is going to HK next month, might I find one there?
  2. Awww, I'm sorry, but I know exactly how you feel girl! :crybaby: When I looked at the Bloomies look book, I saw the page with the pretty coral/salmon, beige, yellow, cream and pink flaps, and lo and behold, it said for both timeless classic flaps and the new style flaps "lambskin." :crybaby: As pretty as lambskin is, like you, I just can't do it because I prefer caviar for its durability and for my piece of mind... and especially with a color like yellow (what I was hoping to purchase). :sad: I was also hoping that the infamous electric blue flap from the Ref. Library would be out, and in caviar... no luck with that I guess. :sad:

    Aww, I would check eBay... I have a pink caviar classic flap with silver h/w that is really pretty, and I've seen several going for below retail. :nuts: I have a coral caviar medium classic flap, and while it's harder to find on eBay, I've seen that on occasion too. :smile:

    You mentioned HK... hopefully some other pfers can help you out on that, because I don't know... but it seems like a lot of ladies have had good luck finding great bags there, so I hope your aunt can find you something fabulous! :heart:

    Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find a gorgeous flap in caviar... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! ;)
  3. but OMG, a coral caviar classic flap? i can just imagine that bag, it must be gorgeous!!!! you are so LUCKY!!

  4. if you called 1-800 Chanel, they can only tell you what the boutiques ordered. . . not what the dept stores have ordered.
    There may be hope!
  5. ^ Swanky's right! :nuts: :nuts: I'm going to harass my NM SA haha, so I can find out what's going on! :smile: Spiral, don't give up girl! :heart: Bloomies supposedly won't be getting any bags in lamb (according the look book I saw), but that still leaves NM. BG, Nordies, and Saks, so who knows! :nuts: It's crazy to think that no flaps would be released in caviar (besides black and white), well IMHO anyway. :smile:
  6. HK boutiques basically just order the black and beige and occasionally white; chances of getting colored flaps are very slim.

    You may try the consignment stores, I have seen a violet Jumbo in lambskin a couple of weeks ago, altho the color is gorgeous, it's a used bag and they are asking for close to USD2500....:sad:
  7. aww =( i love both lambskin and caviar and could settle for either or...especially if it's a TDF color. don't worry, maybe something even more astonishing will be made in caviar for winter!

    what shade was the yellow...?
  8. oh no....i'm really disappointed too...i was longing to buy a caviar for the new collection....sigh!
  9. :[
    im so scared of lambskin
    i like the pebbly caviar
  10. Was going to say the same, was in the boutique maybe 2 months ago and they not no colour :sad: They had a black patent though which was drooooollll
  11. There's always eBay and consignment stores that do sell authentic Chanel flaps. :yes: Good luck! I'm the same and although I love lambskin, I stick with caviar for practicality.
  12. Yikes, but hopefully there is hope as Swanky said... I wouldn't buy a light-colored lambskin, personally, and I'm still dying for a pink classic flap.
  13. :hysteric::sad::sad:

    oh no!!!! I'm SOOOO disappointed too... I was dyying waiting for a blue coloured caviar classic flap to come out (I was hoping for something similar to Balenciaga's 05 indigo or 06 blueberry).

    Minal - if you hear anything please let us know! hmm... does this mean the U.S. isn't getting any or that France/Italy or Chanel in general isn't even producing the flaps in coloured caviar at all?
  14. ahhh i'm shattered too :sad:
  15. I am really sorry for the caviar lovers! But then who knows maybe next season would be the caviar season lol! I just don't get the concept of that ??