My heart is broken. A Red Sevruga Story

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  1. I wish I saw this thread before getting a sevruga :crybaby:

    I have been waiting for a red jumbo flap but since I cannot get a hold of one just yet, I decided to get my first WOC in stunning red! It was love a first sight and i loved using it... for a day... :sad:

    this is a pic of my WOC...

    but upon close inspection, I saw this!!!! [​IMG]

    My heart is broken :sad: I don't know what to do because I bought this from a reseller (No Chanel in Manila) who bought it in Paris.

    I told her about my concern and she said she can try to have it repaired in if ever she leaves again for another buying trip :sad: She said its no one can se the flaw because its small :sad:

    I am going to Bangkok next week and hopefully the Chanel store there can help me??? Is that possible? Even if the WOC was not purchased there?

    I feel so dumb not closely inspecting the chain when I got the WOC.

    I feel so helpless :pout::rant::mad::smash:
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    So sorry charmedmac! This is terrible. It'll be ok :hugs:
    I'm sure Chanel can fix her and she's going to be just as good as new
  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. :hugs: I'm pretty sure a Chanel Boutique can help u even tho u did not buy from them but they will charge you. The flaw is not too bad/noticable but I understand your disappointment and I would want to get it repaired as well. :flowers:
  4. thank you petitechouchou and Israeli_Flava :hugs:

    I do hope everything turns out for the best. :smile:

    I didn't want to post this initially because it will just validate my stupidity :lecture::smash:

    :smile: thanks!
  5. sorry to hear that, but I think chanel boutique can help you.. ;)
  6. charmedmac, oh my goodness that damage is awful! I am so sorry! I hope that Chanel can repair it!
  7. Good luck the store in BKK should be able to help you. :smile:
  8. Wow one day...quality is shocking! chanel should be able to fix it. GL.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear that. I am sure Chanel will be able to fix it. Chin up dear!!
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    I think everything will be ok! Chanel should be able to take care of it! Be happy- it is beautiful and soon it will be perfect again!! :love:
  11. I am so sorry this happened...I was seriously contemplating getting a red sevruga but after reading all the stories from tpf members I think I am going to wait for another red WOC. They'll be able to fix it/replace it for you! Good luck.
  12. yes. the quality for a brandnew WOC is shocking :sad:

    After hearing all of you, I am more hopeful that Chanel BKK will be able to help :smile:

    ibezj - TPF is such a wonderful place to gain knowledge before buying :smile:
  13. This WOC is very poorly made...IMHO...I returned mine and didnt regret it.There r SOOOOOOO many nicer versions out there!!
  14. I'm so sorry this happened to you... Bring it to the Chanel boutique, they will be able to help you.
  15. I am soooo sorry this has happened to you! Quality is definitely an issue with the sevruga, but I just love the look of the faceted CCs and I can't bring myself to return it. I think the WOC is beautiful. For some reason I just think the overall quality of Chanels isn't that great anyway and it just isnt limited to the sevruga... I am sure that Chanel will be able to repair it for you. I totally understand how frustrated you must be though. ...