my heart is breaking! =(

  1. so my first on the shoulder strap is like peeling..i guess thats what you would call it. the leather layers are coming up!!! any way to amend this or is this just what happens with use :crybaby:
  2. what season and color is it?
  3. Take it to a reputable cobbler who has experience with high-end bags? I'm sorry this happened!
  4. OMG! I'm sorry to hear that this is happening!:sad: Is this on your Magenta First? Did you use any products on it? Do you have a pic of it? Is it just the glaze that is peeling or the leather itself?
  5. :crybaby: ***hugs*** i hope it can be saved!!! ***hugs***
  6. this sounds really awful, and i don't have any advice...
    is there any way you can post a picture of what's happening to your bag?
  7. yes, please post pic... oh, i'm so sorry to hear that. maybe if the pics shown, some of the girls in here can give you more advice.
  8. yes it's my prefall 05 magenta first. ill post pictures asap! and yes its like a whole bunch of layers peeling up of the leather itself. oy! why?! =(
  9. i have experienced this, but only with my metallic red. but it's more like fading.
    yours sound like maybe it got heat too much that it peeled?
  10. oh no! not on magenta!! please post some pics of what is going on! eeks! I've only heard of spring 06 bags peeling like that, but it does make sense... some of the Fall 05 bags have the same leather as the 06s! thats awful! :cry:
  11. oh no! I have no advice, but good luck with it!
  12. Eeks!! Are you the original owner? Do you use it daily? Just curious as to how much use the bag is getting; not that it matters. B-bags should be durable for the prices we pay!